Decathlon Rockrider E-EXPL 700 Launched: Specs, Pricing, and More Information


Decathlon unveiled a fresh twist to its Rockrider E-EXPL 700 electric bicycle earlier this year, now dressed in an eye-catching purple shade. This new iteration of the hardtail model sets itself apart with its incandescent purple frame, a bold contrast to the original bottle’s green hue.


Key Points:


Colorful Upgrade: Decathlon introduces a new purple shade variant for the Rockrider E-EXPL 700 e-bike, enhancing its aesthetics.


Distinct Drivetrain: The new model boasts a Shimano drivetrain, including a Deore 5130 rear derailleur, a Deore LG 11-43 cassette, and an LG500 chain, differing from the original model’s Microshift Advent X drivetrain.


Powerful Motor: Equipped with a Brose Drive T mid-mounted motor, offering 70Nm torque and supporting speeds up to 25km/h, with a torque sensor for seamless pedaling transitions.


Battery and Range: Features a 630Wh battery, providing an impressive range of up to 100km on a single charge, expandable with an optional 360Wh range extender for an additional 44km.


Sturdy Build: Crafted from 6061 aluminum, available in four sizes (S to XL), accompanied by an X-Fusion RC32 29-inch fork with 130mm travel, Tektro M530 hydraulic disc brakes, and a 60-degree saddle for long-distance comfort.


Display & Control: Comes with an Ergo 900 TFT color display on the handlebars for monitoring ride statistics, battery status, and switching between assistance modes.


Features & Specifications:


Color Options: Available in an attention-grabbing purple hue along with original color variants.


Drivetrain: Shimano drivetrain comprising a Deore 5130 rear derailleur, Deore LG 11-43 cassette, and an LG500 chain.


Motor: Brose Drive T mid-mounted motor with 70Nm torque, offering speeds up to 25km/h and maximum assistance of 320%.


Battery & Range: Equipped with a 630Wh battery, delivering a range of up to 100km, expandable with a 360Wh range extender for an extra 44km.


Frame & Suspension: 6061 aluminum frame in various sizes, X-Fusion RC32 29-inch fork providing 130mm travel, and Tektro M530 hydraulic disc brakes.


Display & Control: Ergo 900 TFT color display on the handlebars for monitoring ride stats, battery levels, and assistance mode selection.


Pricing & Availability:

The new Decathlon Rockrider E-EXPL 700 e-bike is priced at €2,499.99 ($2,708) in France, Italy, and Spain. In the Netherlands, it retails for €2,509.99 ($2,718), while in the UK, it’s priced at £2,499.99 (~$3,157). It’s also available in Sweden. As for markets outside Europe, there’s no available information on its availability at this time.



Decathlon’s Rockrider E-EXPL 700 gets a vibrant upgrade with the introduction of a striking purple variant. Offering more than just a color makeover, this e-bike brings a revamped drivetrain, featuring a Shimano setup, providing a seamless and enhanced riding experience. Alongside the robust Brose Drive T motor and a commendable battery life, it ensures an impressive range, making it an appealing choice for riders seeking both performance and style. While currently accessible across select European markets, its availability in other regions remains a question mark, promising an exciting addition to Decathlon’s e-bike lineup.

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