Decoding iPhone 16 Prototypes: Leaked Designs, Button Innovations, and Apple’s Design Evolution


Leaks around the iPhone 16 prototypes have ignited discussions, hinting at significant design alterations in the upcoming Apple flagship. These prototypes unveil intriguing insights, showcasing potential changes that might reshape the iPhone’s aesthetics and functionality.


Key Points and Features:


Rear Camera Layout Transition: Leaks suggest a potential shift in the iPhone 16’s rear camera design, possibly reverting to a vertical layout reminiscent of the iPhone 12, marking a departure from the diagonal placement seen in previous models.




Dual Prototype Designs: Revealed prototypes showcase two potential design paths for the iPhone 16 – one resembling the vertical camera setup akin to iPhone 11 or 12 and another reminiscent of the iconic iPhone X design, offering users a choice between familiarity and nostalgia.


Innovative Button Additions: Reports indicate experimentation with capacitive Action and Capture Buttons, poised to introduce new functionalities across the iPhone 16 lineup, though the precise role of the Capture Button remains undisclosed.


Button Arrangement Tweaks: Leaks hint at potential changes in the volume rocker, possibly transitioning to two separate mechanical buttons on the left side, deviating from the unified volume button concept seen in earlier models.


Project Insights: Insights into the now-canceled Bongo project within Apple reveal experiments with button alterations, showcasing Apple’s commitment to exploring innovative design avenues.


Specifications and Leaked Insights:


Camera Layout: Possibility of a return to the vertical camera arrangement akin to iPhone 12, steering away from diagonal placements.


Design Choices: Divergent prototype designs hint at two potential iPhone 16 versions, offering users a choice between a familiar layout and a throwback to the iconic iPhone X design.


Capacitive Buttons: Reports suggest testing of capacitive Action and Capture Buttons, with the latter’s purpose remaining undisclosed, positioned beneath the Action Button.


Button Alterations: Leaked insights point towards potential alterations in the volume rocker, likely appearing as two mechanical buttons on the left side, contrasting earlier unified volume buttons.


Bongo Project: Revelations about the discontinued Bongo project showcase Apple’s constant pursuit of innovative button arrangement within the iPhone’s design framework.


These leaked insights, along with the speculated design changes and potential functionalities, provide a glimpse into the innovative strides Apple might take with the iPhone 16, promising intriguing alterations in its aesthetics and functionality.


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