OnePlus and IIT Madras Introduce ‘Never Settle’ Scholarship Program – Unveiling Comprehensive Details


OnePlus, renowned for its ‘Never Settle’ philosophy, has ventured into a transformative collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras). This partnership aims to inaugurate the ‘Never Settle’ scholarship program, dedicated to supporting bright minds pursuing their BTech degrees at IIT Madras.


Partnership Purpose: OnePlus has joined hands with IIT Madras to introduce the ‘Never Settle’ scholarship program, aimed at financially aiding undergraduate (BTech) students at the esteemed institute.


Scholarship Objectives: The ‘Never Settle’ Scholarship aims to reduce the financial burden on deserving students by providing substantial financial support, aligning with OnePlus’ ethos of fostering academic excellence in science and technology.


Eligibility Criteria: Students aspiring to avail of the scholarship must meet the Merit-cum-Means criteria set by IIT Madras, with the university overseeing the selection process.


OnePlus’ Community Commitment: OnePlus views this initiative as a way to give back to the community that has been integral to its success. This collaboration reflects the brand’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of innovators.


Leadership Voices: Pete Lau, OnePlus’ Founder, highlighted the significance of the Indian community in shaping the brand’s trajectory and emphasized the brand’s commitment to continuous innovation and community collaboration.


Institutional Appreciation: Prof. Mahesh Panchagnula from IIT Madras expressed gratitude for OnePlus’ support, underlining the institution’s commitment to empowering future technology innovators through partnerships like these.


This collaboration between OnePlus and IIT Madras not only symbolizes a commitment to educational upliftment but also reflects the alignment of values and visions toward a future enriched by technological brilliance and community welfare.

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