Newly Launched: Mondraker Play E-Mountain Bikes – Specs, Pricing, and More Info Revealed!


Mondraker, renowned for its high-performance mountain bikes, introduces the Play series electric mountain bikes tailored for young riders. The Play E-MTB series stands tall with three distinct wheel sizes: 20, 24, and 26 inches, delivering an immersive riding experience for kids eager to explore trails.


Key Points:


Mondraker Play E-MTBs: Tailored for young riders, available in three wheel sizes – 20, 24, and 26 inches.


Premium Craftsmanship: Reflecting Mondraker’s commitment, these bikes feature lightweight frames, efficient suspension systems, and superior components.


Youth-Oriented Design: Ideal for budding riders to explore trails, offering technology and an opportunity to develop cycling skills.




Frame Material: Stealth Evo 6061 aluminum frames for durability and lightweight construction.

Variety in Frame Sizes: Customizable frame sizes cater to different young riders’ shapes and sizes.

Motor Specifications: The Mahle X35 hub motor delivers a natural pedal feel with a maximum torque of 40Nm.




Battery Capacity: Equipped with a 250Wh battery pack, with an optional 210Wh range extender for longer rides (exclusive to the 26-inch wheel model).


Variants: Play models with hardtail frames, suitable for cross-country rides, and F-Play models with dual-suspension frames for rugged terrain.


Pricing and Availability:


Pricing: Play models are priced between €2,400 ($2,585) and €2,900 ($3,123), while F-Play models range from €3,300 ($3,550) to €3,500 ($3,770).


Availability: Further details and availability on the Mondraker website.



The Mondraker Play series Electric Mountain Bikes represents a significant stride in catering to young riders venturing into trail adventures. Crafted with precision and premium technology, these bikes offer not just a thrilling riding experience but also a platform for young cyclists to hone their skills.


With versatile wheel sizes and customizable frame options, Mondraker ensures a perfect fit for youngsters of varying heights and builds. The Mahle X35 hub motor, delivering optimal torque, coupled with a robust battery pack, promises an exhilarating yet reliable ride.


The Play and F-Play variants cater to diverse riding preferences, from cross-country cycling to tackling rugged terrains, offering choices for budding enthusiasts.


Priced competitively and loaded with top-notch features, Mondraker’s Play series sets a new benchmark in youth-focused electric mountain bikes, ushering in a new era of adventure for the young generation. For more information and to explore these exciting e-MTBs, visit Mondraker’s official website.

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