iPhone 16 Leaks: Enhanced Videography with Dedicated Capture Button & A18 Chipset


Apple, renowned for pushing boundaries in smartphone technology, is poised to introduce a groundbreaking addition to its iPhone 16 series: dedicated Capture and Action buttons. Building on the recent introduction of the Action button in the iPhone 15 Pro series, the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup is anticipated to debut with a revolutionary Capture button, promising enhanced video recording capabilities.


Key Points:


Revolutionary Addition: Apple’s iPhone 16 series is anticipated to introduce dedicated Capture and Action buttons, aiming to redefine video recording capabilities on smartphones.


Capture Button Functionality: The speculated Capture button, leveraging haptic feedback technology, promises intuitive video capture, with varying press intensities triggering different functionalities.


Technological Advancements: Rumors suggest the iPhone 16 Pro series might adopt the advanced A18 Pro chipset, while the standard models could feature modified versions of the A17 Pro, potentially elevating performance.


A18 Series Chips: Reports hint at the adoption of TSMC-produced A18 series chips across the iPhone 16 lineup, promising enhanced efficiency and performance for both standard and Pro models.


Enhanced User Experience: Anticipated increases in battery capacities aim to improve endurance, while display upgrades in the Pro models may offer larger screen sizes, augmenting visual experiences.




Capture and Action Buttons: Dedicated buttons for streamlined video capture.

Haptic Feedback Technology: Responsive tactile feedback for varying press intensities.

Chipset Advancements: Speculations about A18 Pro adoption in Pro models and modified A17 Pro in standard models.

Battery Capacities: Potential enhancements to improve user endurance.

Display Upgrades: Probable larger screen sizes in the Pro variants for an enhanced visual experience.



The iPhone 16 series teases a paradigm shift in smartphone videography with dedicated Capture and Action buttons, promising an innovative approach to video recording. Speculations regarding advanced chipsets, improved battery capacities, and display upgrades hint at an evolutionary leap in the upcoming iPhone lineup. However, it’s crucial to approach these revelations with cautious optimism, given their speculative nature. Stay tuned for confirmed updates and comprehensive coverage through India Today Tech to track the journey of Apple’s transformative iPhone 16 series.

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