Samsung Galaxy S21 Series in India Gets Android 14-Based One UI 6: Learn How to Download and Explore Key Features!


Samsung has commenced the rollout of One UI 6 for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series in India, marking an anticipated milestone for users eagerly awaiting the latest Android 14-based interface. This comprehensive update extends to the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra, completing the suite with the recent inclusion of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. Here’s an overview of the key features embedded in One UI 6 and a guide on how to download it to your device.


Key Points: One UI 6 Update for Samsung Galaxy S21 Series


How to Download One UI 6 on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series


Commenced Rollout: Samsung initiated the One UI 6 rollout for the Galaxy S21 series in India on December 21st, 2023.


Firmware Details: The update, labeled FWL3, accompanies the December 2023 security patch, enhancing device security alongside new features.


OS Upgrade Promise: The Galaxy S21 series, launched in January 2021, committed to four OS upgrades, ensuring eligibility for the forthcoming Android 15 update.


Follow These Steps to Proceed:


Step 1: Access the phone’s Settings

Step 2: Tap on Software Update

Step 3: Select Download and Install


The installation process may entail reboots and might take some time to complete. After installation, users will receive confirmation of the successful upgrade to One UI 6.


Standout One UI 6 Features:


Quick Settings Accessibility: Instantly accessible via a swipe down from the top right corner.


Camera App Enhancement: Image aspect ratio changes within the camera app, regardless of megapixel mode.


Enhanced Emojis: Refreshed design for Samsung One UI emojis.


Privacy and Security Enhancement: Introduction of the Auto Blocker setting, limiting app installations from unknown sources for improved security.


Gallery App Upgrade: Introduction of Studio, a movie maker/editor feature within the Gallery app.


Seamless Device Connectivity: Facilitates effortless copy-pasting between Samsung devices signed in with the same Samsung account.


Quick Panel Enhancements:

New layout for easy access to frequently used features.

Customizable arrangement for quick settings buttons.

Instant access to the expanded panel with a single swipe.


Notifications and Controls:

Individual notification cards for easier recognition.

Vivid full-color icons for apps.

Sorting notifications by time instead of priority.


User Interface Improvements:

Freedom to reposition the clock on the Lock screen.

Simplified icon labels on the Home screen.


Multitasking and Efficiency:

Pop-up windows stay open during multitasking.

Enhanced Samsung DeX for tablets and Link to Windows.


Camera and Media Enhancements:

Simplified Camera app layout and customization.

Improved video and picture quality options.

Easier document scanning and sharing features.


Enhancements in Gallery and Editing:

Quick edits and easier drag-and-drop functionality.

Expanded options and layouts in Photo Editor and Studio.


Weather and Health Updates:

Detailed weather information and enhanced illustrations.

Redesigned Samsung Health Home screen and custom water cup sizes.


Enhanced Features Across Apps:

Improved app functionalities in Samsung Internet and Smart Select.

Upgraded Calendar, Reminder, and Bixby text call options.


Settings and Accessibility Improvements:

Smarter Airplane mode and battery settings.

Enhanced security measures and accessibility features.

Expanded Digital Wellbeing with detailed usage reports


The One UI 6 update not only introduces these highlighted features but also includes various app updates (Galaxy Wearable, Samsung Internet, Samsung Health, Samsung Wallet, etc.) and new gestures, enhancing the overall user experience.

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