Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV Launched: Specs, Enhanced Features, Pricing, and More Revealed!


Mercedes-Benz has officially introduced the latest iteration of the EQE SUV, elevating its predecessor’s renowned features while maintaining an attractive price range from 486,000 to 630,600 yuan (~$68,000 – $88,250). This upgraded model integrates advanced enhancements, including 5G communication modules and luxurious velvet floor mats, ensuring a blend of innovation and affordability within the base Pioneer version.


Key Points:


Launch and Pricing: Mercedes-Benz has officially launched the EQE SUV with prices ranging from 486,000 to 630,600 yuan (~$68,000 – $88,250), offering enhanced features at a competitive price point.


Enhanced Features: The new EQE SUV boasts advanced features like 5G communication modules, plush velvet floor mats, and ten exclusive configurations tailored for the Chinese market.



Specifications and Performance: Equipped with a dual-motor, four-wheel-drive system and a 96.1 kWh battery pack, delivering power outputs of 215 kW for the 350 model and 300 kW for the 500 model. It offers a cruising range of 613 kilometers and rapid 128-kilowatt charging capabilities.


Design and Technology: The exterior design showcases a closed grille, “Meteor Shower” intelligent digital headlights, and an impressive 98% ultra-high screen-to-body ratio. The interior features an oversized triple screen, MBUX Hyperscreen, and a blend of opulence and technology.


Safety and Driving Assistance: The EQE SUV includes various safety features such as attention assist, active braking assist, active lane-keeping, and an enhanced driving assistance package for added safety and convenience.


Availability: The SUV is targeted at the Chinese market, with enhanced configurations and features tailored specifically for Chinese consumers.


Features and Specifications:


Exterior Design: Closed grille, through-type LED light strip, “Meteor Shower” intelligent digital headlights


Driving Experience: Optional air suspension (AIRMATIC), adaptive damping system plus (ADS+), multiple driving modes


Interior Features: Oversized triple screen, multi-function steering wheel, MBUX Hyperscreen, multi-color ambient lighting


Performance: Dual-motor, four-wheel-drive system, 96.1 kWh battery, 215 kW (350 model) and 300 kW (500 model) power outputs, 613-kilometer cruising range, 128-kilowatt charging


Safety: Attention assist, active braking assist, active lane-keeping, enhanced driving assistance package


Pricing and Availability:


Price Range: 486,000 to 630,600 yuan (~$68,000 – $88,250)


Market: Initially targeting the Chinese market with tailored features and configurations.


Conclusion: Defining Excellence in Electric SUVs

The evolved EQE SUV from Mercedes-Benz solidifies its place as a pinnacle in the electric SUV market, emphasizing safety, performance, and an unparalleled user experience. With continuous refinements, this SUV sets new benchmarks, redefining luxury and innovation in the electric vehicle landscape.

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