Xiaomi SU7 Electric Car Teaser: HyperOS Integration, Futuristic Features, and December 28th Unveiling!


Xiaomi’s much-anticipated foray into the electric vehicle realm inches closer to reality. Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s head, has unveiled the first official teaser of the upcoming electric marvel, the Xiaomi SU7, promising a fusion of technological brilliance and seamless integration.


Key Points:

Teaser Unveiling:

Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s head, revealed the first official teaser of the Xiaomi SU7 electric car.

The teaser cryptically reads ‘Hello, Xiaomi SU7. Welcome to Human x Car x Home’.


Welcome aboard, Xiaomi SU7! pic.twitter.com/bpJJmC8EB8

— Lei Jun (@leijun) December 27, 2023


Xiaomi 1st EV SU7 Max all colour options.#Xiaomi #EV #Car #XiaomiEV pic.twitter.com/U2Q8wGDYYA

— Abhishek Yadav (@yabhishekhd) December 26, 2023


HyperOS Integration:

Confirmed integration with Xiaomi HyperOS, promising seamless software connectivity between the car and smartphones.


Design and Aesthetics:


Grey-colored variant teased with potential for more color options at launch.


Features sleek design elements like five-spoke alloy wheels, Michelin tires, and Brembo yellow brake calipers.


Flush door handles and small side-view mirrors enhance the car’s aesthetics.


Technological Highlights:


Integration with smartphones and smart home accessories is suggested by the teaser.

Equipped with a mounted side-view camera, rearview mirror, and a Tesla-like large infotainment screen.

The potential inclusion of a three-spoke steering wheel and facial recognition technology on the B-pillar.


Performance and Racing-Inspired Features:


Racing-inspired features like an active wing aimed at optimizing acceleration by manipulating airflow.

Leaked images hint at LiDAR sensors and advancements geared towards enhancing speed and performance.



The Xiaomi SU7 teaser paints a picture of an electric vehicle embracing cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and futuristic integrations. With a focus on connectivity, sleek aesthetics, and performance-inspired features, the SU7 car aims to redefine the landscape of electric vehicles in the competitive market.

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