BYD Accelerates European EV Presence: Establishes First Electric Car Factory in Hungary


BYD, the renowned Chinese automotive giant, is making bold strides into the European market by unveiling its maiden electric car manufacturing plant in Szeged, Hungary. This decisive move signals an impactful expansion of BYD’s global reach and marks a significant chapter in Europe’s electric vehicle (EV) landscape.


Key Points:


BYD’s European Expansion: BYD, a Chinese automotive giant, is establishing its first electric car manufacturing facility in Szeged, Hungary, marking a significant move into the European market.


Hungary’s EV Hub: Hungary, already home to BYD’s electric bus production, is evolving into a key investment destination for electric vehicles within the EU.


Expanding European Portfolio: BYD currently offers five electric car models in Europe and aims to introduce three more by 2024, demonstrating a robust commitment to meeting the increasing demand for EVs.


Economic Impact: The Hungarian facility is anticipated to create numerous job opportunities, boost local economies, and strengthen regional supply chains, aligning with Europe’s transition to sustainable transportation.


Sustainable Practices: BYD’s focus on creating a local ‘green ecosystem’ highlights their dedication to fostering technological exchange and innovation between China and Hungary, reinforcing their position as an EV leader committed to sustainability.



BYD’s establishment of an electric car manufacturing plant in Hungary underscores its strategic vision to deepen its presence in the European electric vehicle market. This move not only signifies an expansion of their product offerings but also showcases BYD’s commitment to sustainability and fostering economic growth in the region. With a keen focus on technological exchange and innovation, BYD is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of sustainable transportation in Europe.

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