Insights into Bajaj Vector: Potential Electric Scooter Development Unveiled by Recent Trademark Filings


Bajaj, a stalwart in the two-wheeler industry, has recently sparked curiosity with trademark filings that suggest a potential foray into the electric scooter domain. Renowned for its global footprint through partnerships like KTM and the Husqvarna line, Bajaj continues to seize attention with developments such as the Husqvarna Vektorr electric scooter platform.


Key Points:


Trademark Filings: Recent trademark filings suggest Bajaj’s potential entry into the electric scooter market with the “Vector,” signaling an expansion beyond their traditional offerings.




Bajaj’s Global Footprint: Renowned for collaborations like KTM and Husqvarna, Bajaj’s global recognition is highlighted through its associations, including the Husqvarna Vektorr electric scooter platform.


Trademark Confirmation: The “Bajaj Vector” trademark filing under Class 12 for Automobiles, Land Vehicles, Motorcycles, and Electric Vehicles was spotted on India’s IP online service, dated August 16, 2023.


Insider Insights: Sources close to Bajaj hint at the Vector being a potential new electric scooter, but uncertainty prevails whether it’s linked to the Husqvarna Vektorr.


Features & Prototype Details:


Electric Scooter Line Expansion: If realized, the Bajaj Vector is expected to join the Bajaj Chetak in the electric scooter lineup, offering more premium features.


Potential Impact: The Vector aims to position Bajaj as a competitive player in India’s burgeoning EV two-wheeler market, challenging established brands like Ola Electric and Ather.


Market Dynamics: Bajaj’s move coincides with the rising demand for lightweight electric motorcycles in India, Europe, and Asia, aligning with industry trends.


Prototype Sightings: Sightings of the Bajaj e-scooter prototype undergoing rigorous testing have been observed, raising anticipation for the Vector’s imminent debut.


Uncertainty Surrounding Vector: It remains uncertain whether the Vector marks Bajaj’s next major e-scooter release or if the company is securing the name for future endeavors.


The Bajaj Vector signifies a potential stride into electric mobility, as the company looks to leverage its legacy and innovation to carve a niche in the evolving landscape of electric two-wheelers.

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