Vivo Pad 3: Leaked MediaTek Dimensity 9300 Details, Display Variants, and More


Vivo is set to unveil its next-generation tablet, the Vivo Pad 3, in China soon, adding to its expanding array of innovative tech products. The new tablet, anticipated to be both affordable and feature-packed, aims to capture the attention of tech enthusiasts and users seeking an immersive tablet experience.


Key Points:


Vivo Pad 3 Debut: Vivo is set to introduce its latest tablet, the Vivo Pad 3, in the Chinese market.


Successor to Vivo Pad 2: The Pad 3 tablet is anticipated as the successor to the Vivo Pad 2, promising upgrades and advancements.




Chipset Details: Expected to house the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chipset, known for its power and efficiency in handling diverse tasks.


Display Variation: Digital Chat Station hints at multiple display variants, potentially including an 8.8-inch model, catering to different user preferences.


Camera Setup: Likely to sport a dual rear camera setup for photography enthusiasts, enhancing imaging capabilities.


Design and Build: Expected to continue with an IPS display and significant bezels, hinting towards affordability as a primary focus.


Leaked Specifications:


MediaTek Dimensity 9300 Chipset: Touted to offer superior performance with its 4nm fabrication, Cortex-X4 cores, and Mali-G720 Immortalis MP12 GPU.


Display Specifications: Leaks suggest a conventional IPS display with noticeable bezels, potentially catering to a cost-effective design approach.


Additional Tablet Model: Rumors hint at another tablet model featuring an 8.8-inch screen, intended to offer a compact and budget-friendly option for users.


These leaked details and anticipated features paint a picture of Vivo’s pursuit of delivering an affordable yet performance-driven tablet with the Pad 3, aiming to captivate consumers seeking a blend of functionality and value.

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