New Dreame Vacuum Cleaners Launched in India: Specs, Pricing, and More!


Dreame Tech, a significant player in the vacuum cleaner industry, is expanding its Indian offerings beyond the D9 Max robot vacuum cleaner launched last year. The company introduces three new models – Dreame F9 Pro, U10, and H12 Core, catering to diverse cleaning needs in Indian households.


Dreame Unveils New Vacuum Cleaners in India


Product Range Overview:


Dreame F9 Pro – Rs 24,999 (~$300)


Functionality: Robot vacuum cleaner with 2-in-1 vacuuming and mopping.


Battery: 3200mAh battery.


Suction Power: 4-level powerful suction.


Navigation: Accurate mapping for precise navigation.


Voice Assistants: Supports Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri.


Cleaning Efficiency: Dual-action brush system for comprehensive cleaning.


Allergen Removal: High-efficiency filter for thorough allergen removal.


Dreame U10 – Rs 14,999 (~$180)


Type: Cordless vacuum cleaner.


Suction Power: 100AW suction power.


Battery Life: 40-minute runtime per charge.


Battery Pack: 7x2000mAh battery pack.


Motor Speed: High-speed brushless motor at 100,000 rpm.


Brush Head: Multi-surface brush head with LED lights.


Dreame H12 Core – Rs 24,999 (~$300)


Type: Cordless vacuum cleaner for wet and dry cleaning.


Suction Power: Powerful 200W suction.


Battery Pack: 6x2500mAh battery pack.


Sensors: Smart sensors for dirt detection and suction adjustment.


Water Tank: Spacious 900-ml clean water tank.


Availability and Pricing:


Dreame F9 Pro: Rs 24,999 on Amazon.


Dreame U10: Rs 14,999 on Amazon.


Dreame H12 Core: Rs 24,999 on Amazon.


These models offer a diverse range of features, catering to varied cleaning needs. The F9 Pro focuses on automated, scheduled cleaning, while the U10 and H12 Core cater to cordless, efficient daily cleaning. All available on Amazon, these offerings aim to revolutionize home cleaning for Indian consumers, ensuring efficiency, convenience, and versatility.


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