Xiaomi Launches Dedicated EV Website After Unveiling SU7 Electric Vehicle!


Xiaomi, the tech giant that ventured into the electric vehicle (EV) realm in 2021, has now unfurled a dedicated website, marking a significant stride in its EV business. The website stands as a singular platform wholly devoted to Xiaomi’s burgeoning EV endeavors. This domain, owned entirely by Xiaomi, serves as the digital epicenter of their EV subsidiary, helmed by the CEO of the parent company.


Key Points

Xiaomi’s EV Web Venture:


Dedicated Domain: Xiaomi established a standalone website solely dedicated to its EV business, a significant move following its foray into the electric vehicle sector in 2021.


Company Ownership: The EV arm is wholly owned by Xiaomi, with the CEO of the parent company also leading the subsidiary.


SU7 Unveiling and Impact:

Post-SU7 Launch: The website’s launch closely follows the introduction of Xiaomi’s maiden EV, the SU7, which has garnered attention by being showcased in selected Xiaomi Stores across China.


Website Dynamics:


Website Timeline: While the website was registered before, its functionality surfaced shortly after the SU7 EV’s reveal on December 29, 2023.


Current Focus: The site is entirely centered around the SU7, highlighting its impressive specs: 800km range, 2.78 seconds 0 to 100km acceleration, self-driving capabilities, and an 800V system.


Website Features:


Language Scope: Presently available only in Chinese, but speculation suggests potential expansion to include other major languages.


Design and Functionality: Reflecting Xiaomi’s aesthetics, the website boasts a sleek design with an intuitive layout featuring seven functional tabs. It showcases previously unseen angles of the SU7 through graphical depictions.



Detailed Insight and Promotion:


Technical Information: Provides a comprehensive breakdown of the Xiaomi SU7’s technical specifications, offering a deeper understanding of the flagship EV.


Promotional Content: Includes a 2-minute promotional video delving into the production process and highlighting notable features like the Xiaomi Pilot module for self-driving and the integrated HyperOS.


Future Expectations:

Market Arrival: The Xiaomi SU7, despite lacking specific details like pricing, is expected to enter the market later in the year, building anticipation after its display in select Xiaomi stores in China.



The inauguration of Xiaomi’s dedicated EV website signifies a pivotal step in the company’s electric vehicle pursuits. With a focus on the SU7, the website serves as a comprehensive platform illuminating the groundbreaking features of Xiaomi’s flagship EV. As the company navigates the intersection of technology and mobility, this digital hub stands poised to evolve, offering enthusiasts a sneak peek into the promising landscape of Xiaomi’s electrifying future


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