Apple Vision Pro: Pre-Order, Availability Dates, and Comprehensive Feature Overview Unveiled


Apple enthusiasts, mark your calendars! The tech giant has officially announced the long-awaited arrival of the Apple Vision Pro, a groundbreaking mixed-reality headset. This innovative device is set to revolutionize the immersive technology space and is gearing up for pre-orders commencing January 19, with in-store availability in the US starting February 2.



Key Points: Apple Vision Pro

Release Schedule


Pre-Order Commencement: January 19


In-Store Availability (US): February 2


Pricing and Variants


Storage Variant: 256GB

Band Options: Solo Knit / Dual Loop

Price: $3,499 (Approx. Rs 2,90,000)


Innovative Features

Display: Two Ultra-High-Resolution Panels

Design: Aluminum Frame with Adjustable Headband

Camera Array: 12 Cameras Including TrueDepth and LiDAR Scanner


Functionality and Experience


Spatial Audio: Enhancing Immersive Sound

Content Scaling: Customizable to User Preferences

Spatial Integration: Seamless Blend with Surroundings


Technological Advancements


Chip System: M2 for Performance, R1 for Input Management

Security: Optic ID for Secure Transactions

Awareness: EyeSight for Environmental Awareness


Vision Pro’s Unveiling


Marketing: Echoes Iconic iPhone Launch Advertisement

Significance: Marks Apple’s New Product Category Since Apple Watch 2015

Integration: Spatially Blends Content with Surroundings






Initial Availability: Confirmed for the US

Expansion: Potential Release in Other Countries to Follow

Included Accessories: Light Seal Cushions, Cover, Charger, Etc.




The Apple Vision Pro, with its blend of cutting-edge technology and intuitive design, stands at the forefront of immersive mixed-reality experiences, poised to revolutionize the tech landscape upon its anticipated release


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