Samsung Pass Elevates Mobile Payments in India with RuPay Credit Card Integration for UPI Transactions


Samsung Pass, the revamped mobile wallet app for Galaxy smartphones in India, now introduces an extended payment feature. Users with Samsung Pass can now conduct UPI transactions using their RuPay credit cards, broadening the payment options beyond bank accounts and specific debit cards. This update facilitates RuPay credit cardholders to enjoy the advantages of contactless transactions, such as rewards points and purchase protection. The process of linking the card is seamless and can be accomplished within the Samsung Wallet UPI.


Key Points:


Samsung Pass Expansion: Samsung Pass, the mobile wallet for Galaxy smartphones in India, has expanded its capabilities, allowing users to make UPI transactions using RuPay credit cards.


RuPay Credit Card Support: The update introduces a new payment method for RuPay credit cardholders, offering them the convenience of contactless transactions and potential benefits such as rewards points and purchase protection.


Simple Linking Process: Users can link their RuPay credit cards within the Samsung Wallet UPI platform seamlessly, enhancing the overall user experience.


Versatile Digital Wallet: Samsung Pass serves as a versatile digital wallet, enabling users to store various documents like driver’s licenses, loyalty cards, membership cards, boarding passes, and more.


Secure UPI Transactions: UPI transactions, secured by a PIN, provide users with a trusted and efficient payment system for instant inter-bank transfers.




Contactless Payments: RuPay credit cardholders can now enjoy the convenience of contactless payments using Samsung Pass, expanding the range of supported payment methods.


Document Storage: Samsung Pass offers a comprehensive digital wallet experience by allowing users to store and manage various documents, adding to its versatility.


Enhanced User Experience: The update aims to enhance the overall user experience by providing additional payment options and functionalities within the Samsung Pass ecosystem.



Samsung Pass’s move to include RuPay credit card support for UPI transactions marks a significant step in diversifying and enriching the mobile payment experience for Galaxy smartphone users. The integration aligns with the growing popularity of UPI in India and positions Samsung Pass as a comprehensive digital wallet solution. While the current support is exclusive to RuPay credit cardholders, future updates may bring broader inclusivity, making Samsung Pass an even more attractive and versatile platform for digital transactions and document management.


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