WhatsApp Expands Features: Beta Release Introduces Polls in Channels and Fixes Android Bug


WhatsApp’s latest beta update (version for Android introduces an exciting addition to polls in Channels. This feature, accessible via the paperclip icon in Channel chats, empowers users to create polls with up to 12 options, enhancing engagement and interaction. Noteworthy is the green polls icon, a departure from the usual yellow, distinguishing this unique functionality. Votes remain anonymous, ensuring privacy even for the poll creator. While currently limited to beta testers, the presence of this feature hints at a broader rollout shortly. Stay tuned for this vibrant addition to WhatsApp Channels.


Key Points:


WhatsApp Beta Update Introduces Polls in Channels:


Beta version brings the ability to create polls in WhatsApp Channels on Android.


Users can utilize the polls feature through the paperclip icon in Channel chats, offering up to 12 options for questions.


The green polls icon distinguishes this feature and aims to enhance engagement within Channels.


Votes in polls are anonymous, maintaining user privacy.


Bug Fix for Android Users in Beta Update


The recent bug fix addresses a display issue related to Status update thumbnails next to contact names.


This functionality was unintentionally broken in a previous update but has been restored in version


The fix improves the overall user experience for Android users.


Anticipated Wider Rollout and Future Developments:


While polls in Channels are currently in beta testing, the feature is expected to roll out more widely soon.


WhatsApp’s recent beta activities, including advanced text formatting and themes on Android, indicate an active development phase.


The messaging app is focused on keeping users engaged and is likely to introduce more features and improvements in upcoming updates.




Polls in Channels: Users can create polls in WhatsApp Channels with up to 12 options, fostering interactive conversations.


Bug Fix for Status Thumbnails: The update addresses a bug that affected the display of Status update thumbnails for Android users.


Anonymous Voting: Privacy is maintained as votes in polls remain anonymous, ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience.



WhatsApp’s beta updates showcase a commitment to user engagement and experience. The introduction of polls in Channels brings a new dimension to group interactions, allowing for more dynamic conversations. The bug fix for Android users demonstrates the app’s responsiveness to user feedback, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience. As WhatsApp continues its active development phase, users can look forward to more exciting features and improvements in future updates, enhancing their messaging experience on the platform. Stay tuned for the latest enhancements and enjoy a more interactive WhatsApp experience.


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