Rolls-Royce Spectre: A Grand Entry into the Indian Luxury Car Market with Exclusive Range, Pricing, and Impressive Specs


In a grand entrance onto the Indian automotive stage, Rolls-Royce introduces the Spectre, its first-ever electric luxury car, priced at Rs 7.5 crore (ex-showroom). This heralds a new era of opulence as the Spectre, a beacon of automotive innovation, graces Indian roads. Ahead of its official launch, the ultra-luxury EV coupe has already made a profound impact with its maiden delivery, capturing the essence of exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.


Key Points:


Debut of Rolls-Royce Spectre: Rolls-Royce introduces the Spectre, its inaugural electric luxury car, to the Indian market at Rs 7.5 crore (ex-showroom).


Opulent Design Elements: The Spectre boasts distinctive design features, including the iconic illuminated Rolls-Royce grille and a Spirit of Ecstasy ornament, contributing to its remarkable drag coefficient of 0.25cd.


Luxurious Interior: The interior features a starlight liner on the door pads, hosting 4,796 illuminated stars, and an elegantly illuminated ‘Spectre’ nameplate on the passenger side dashboard.


Digital Precision: The digital driver’s display, running on Rolls-Royce’s latest ‘Spirit’ software platform, marks a new era of digital precision in the cockpit, accompanied by customizable digital displays.


Highly Customizable: The Spectre offers a high degree of customization, allowing users to choose colour themes, trims, and even opt for intricate embroidery of their names on the seats.


Impressive Powertrain: The Spectre is powered by an electric motor producing 593 PS and 900 Nm of torque, with a WLTP range of 530 km and a remarkable 0-100kmph acceleration time of 4.5 seconds.




Distinctive Exterior: Rolls-Royce Spectre showcases timeless aesthetics, including an illuminated grille and an aero-efficient design with a low drag coefficient.


Luxurious Interior Illumination: The starlight liner and illuminated ‘Spectre’ nameplate contribute to the opulent interior ambience.


Cutting-Edge Digital Display: The digital driver’s display and customizable digital displays in the cockpit redefine the technological experience.


Signature Customization: Rolls-Royce’s commitment to customization allows users to personalize colour themes and trims, and even include embroidered names on seats.


Impressive Power and Range: The Spectre’s electric motor delivers exceptional power and performance with an impressive WLTP range, defying its weight.




Powertrain: Electric motor generating 593 PS and 900 Nm of torque.


WLTP Range: Claimed range of 530 km.


Pricing and Availability:


Pricing: Rolls-Royce Spectre is priced at Rs 7.5 crore (ex-showroom).


Availability: The ultra-luxury EV coupe has already seen its first delivery in India ahead of the official launch.



The Rolls-Royce Spectre epitomizes opulence, blending timeless elegance with cutting-edge technology. Its distinctive design, luxurious interior, customizable features, and impressive powertrain position it as a milestone in automotive innovation. Priced at Rs 7.5 crore, the Spectre brings a new era of electric luxury to Indian roads. As it continues to captivate enthusiasts, the Spectre signifies a paradigm shift in the world of luxury electric vehicles, setting a benchmark for craftsmanship and innovation in the automotive industry.


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