WhatsApp Introduces Secure ‘People Nearby’ File Sharing for Fast and Private Exchanges


WhatsApp is gearing up to revolutionize user experience by introducing a novel feature that facilitates file sharing with people nearby. Following the recent announcement of enabling users to share files up to 2GB in size, the messaging giant is set to roll out an innovative file-sharing option, as unveiled in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update, according to insights from WABetaInfo, a website tracking the beta version of the application.


Key Points:


Nearby File Sharing: WhatsApp is introducing a groundbreaking feature allowing users to share files with people nearby.


2GB File Size: Following recent updates, users can now share files up to 2GB in size.


Innovative Approach: The ‘People nearby’ section facilitates secure file exchanges in close proximity.


End-to-end Encryption: Shared files remain secure with end-to-end encryption, even outside WhatsApp chats or in unfamiliar network environments.


Initiation by Shaking: Users can initiate file sharing by shaking their device, and generating a secure share request.


Swift Transfers: The feature promises quick file transfers, ideal for immediate exchange needs.


Privacy Assurance: Phone numbers are concealed from non-contacts during every file exchange, prioritizing user privacy.




Secure Proximity Sharing: Users can securely share files with nearby individuals through the ‘People nearby’ section.


2GB File Size Limit: WhatsApp now allows file sharing with a maximum size of 2GB.


End-to-end Encryption: Shared files maintain end-to-end encryption for enhanced security.


Shake to Share: The sharing process is initiated by shaking the device, adding a user-friendly touch.


Swift and Private: Quick file transfers are facilitated with a focus on maintaining user privacy.



WhatsApp’s upcoming feature signals a paradigm shift in file-sharing convenience, allowing users to exchange files securely with nearby contacts. The incorporation of end-to-end encryption ensures data security, even beyond the confines of WhatsApp chats. With innovations like shaking the device to initiate sharing and the ability to exchange larger files, the feature is poised to enhance user experience significantly. As it remains under development, users can anticipate its rollout in future app updates, promising a seamless and private file-sharing experience. Stay tuned for updates on WhatsApp’s.


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