Apple Vision Pro Set for February 2 Launch with Rs 2 Lakh Repair Cost Unveiled


As the much-anticipated Apple Vision Pro gears up for its release on February 2, Apple enthusiasts are diving into the intricacies of the new mixed-reality headset. Notably, the company has shed light on the repair costs associated with this groundbreaking device, adding an intriguing layer to the pre-release buzz.


Key Points:


Release Date Set: Apple Vision Pro is poised to hit the market on February 2, creating waves of anticipation among tech enthusiasts.


Revealed Repair Cost: Before its release, Apple disclosed the repair cost of the mixed reality headset, standing at approximately Rs 2 lakh.


Global Pricing at $3,499: The Apple Vision Pro is priced at $3,499 in the US, sparking curiosity about its expected cost in India, calculated at around Rs 2.91 lakh.


Features and Specifications:


Cutting-Edge Design: The headset boasts a groundbreaking design, combining sleek aesthetics with advanced technology.


Glass Damage Repair Cost: Apple warns users against dropping the headset, revealing a repair cost of $799 for glass damages.


Total Repair Cost: Damages to other components carry a higher repair cost of $2,399, emphasizing the need for careful handling.


Pricing and Availability:


AppleCare+ Dilemma: Exploring the AppleCare+ option, users face a choice between paying $499 for two years or $24.99 monthly. While it saves some costs, repairs are not entirely free, maintaining a price of about $798 for glass issues.


Global Rollout Plans: Apple has not disclosed the official launch date for India. Following the US release, the UK, Canada, and China are next in line for the Apple Vision Pro.



As the countdown to the Apple Vision Pro release begins, users are confronted with the dual considerations of design excellence and potential repair costs. The unveiling of pricing details and repair expenses sets the stage for an exciting yet cautious journey into the realm of mixed-reality headsets. Whether users opt for AppleCare+ or navigate the potential costs without it, the impending release promises to redefine the landscape of immersive technology. As India awaits its turn in the global rollout, tech enthusiasts brace themselves for a revolutionary experience with the Apple Vision Pro.


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