Strategic Surge: India’s Semiconductor Renaissance Accelerates with a Rs 6,903 Crore Boost in Budget 2024


In a resounding testament to its commitment to technological advancement, the Indian government has allocated a staggering Rs 6,903 crores in the Interim Budget for 2024-25. This financial injection follows the Rs 3,000 crore allocation in the previous year and is poised to catapult India into the forefront of semiconductor and electronics manufacturing.


Key Points:


Financial Commitment: The Indian government allocates a substantial Rs 6,903 crores in the Interim Budget 2024-25, reflecting a significant increase from the previous year’s allocation of Rs 3,000 crores.


Strategic Allocation: Rs 4,203 crores earmarked for incentives for Assembly, Testing, Marking, and Packaging (ATMP) is expected to benefit major projects by industry leaders like Micron, FoxconnHCL joint venture, and the Tata Group.


Project Pipeline: Over 12 large semiconductor projects are in discussion between investors and the government, including Tata Electronics, Tower Semiconductor, Silicon Power, SICSEM, CG Power, Tarq Semiconductors, Kaynes Technology, HCL-Foxconn, and Vedanta Display fab.


Production Grade Technology Requirement: The government mandates Production Grade Technology as a prerequisite for approving semiconductor projects, ensuring a focus on advanced and viable ventures.


Anticipation for Full Budget: Industry experts anticipate an increased outlay beyond the current allocation post-election results, potentially reaching about $10 billion, including existing projects.




Government’s Commitment: The consistent financial support from the government, coupled with a Rs 76,000 crore incentive scheme introduced in 2021, underscores a determined effort to elevate India in semiconductor technology.


Strategic Distribution: The allocation strategically focuses on ATMP incentives, semiconductor fabs, support for a semiconductor laboratory, and a design-linked incentive scheme, covering various aspects of the semiconductor ecosystem.


Industry Endorsement: Industry leaders, including Ashok Chandak and Hitesh Garg, praise the government’s proactive stance, anticipating accelerated growth in the semiconductor industry and positioning India as a global hub for electronics system design and semiconductors.



As the Indian government unveils a formidable Rs 6,903 crore in the Interim Budget, the semiconductor sector in India braces for a groundbreaking era. With strategic allocations, ongoing project discussions, and stringent approval criteria, the nation inches closer to realizing its dream of becoming a semiconductor powerhouse. The collaborative spirit, coupled with financial incentives, positions India as a global player in cutting-edge technological advancements. The stage is set for an exciting journey, marking a pivotal moment in India’s tech landscape, where innovation and industry collaboration pave the way for a future of semiconductor excellence.


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