NoiseFit Grace Smartwatch Launched: Specs, Pricing, and More Information Unveiled!


Noise, the forefront brand in the Indian smartwatch arena, unveils its latest creation tailored exclusively for women – the NoiseFit Grace smartwatch. Following the success of the Noise Vortex Plus, this new addition combines an appealing design with advanced features, catering to the discerning needs of the female demographic.


Key Points:


Launch of NoiseFit Grace: Noise, a leading smartwatch brand in India, introduces the NoiseFit Grace, specifically designed for women.


Distinctive Design: The smartwatch features a unique cut dial design and a sleek metallic build, accompanied by a link strap in Metal Silver, Rose Gold, and Jet Black.



Display Excellence:


1.1-inch AMOLED Always on Display: Boasting a vibrant screen with 600 nits brightness for clear visibility.


360 x 360 Pixels Resolution: High-resolution display for an enhanced visual experience.


Functionality Features:


AI Voice Assistant: Hands-free convenience for various tasks.


Bluetooth Calling: Direct calling functionality for enhanced connectivity on the go.


In-built Calendar: Quick access to the calendar for organized scheduling.


Dial Pad and Call Logs: Convenient access to the dial pad and recent call logs, with storage for up to 10 contacts.


Health and Productivity Suites:


Noise Health Suite: Monitors heart rate, SpO2, sleep patterns, and stress levels for comprehensive well-being.


Productivity Suite: Provides daily reminders and weather forecasts for streamlined daily activities.


Durability and Water Resistance:

IP67 Water and Dust Resistance: Designed for durability, resisting water and dust exposure.


Personalization and Connectivity:


Battery Life: Up to 4 days of usage on a single charge.


Customization Options: Over 100 watch faces and various sports modes for a personalized experience.


Seamless Pairing: Connect effortlessly with the NoiseFit App for comprehensive fitness and health data.





Display: 1.1-inch AMOLED Always on Display with 600 nits brightness and 360 x 360 pixels resolution.


Durability: IP67 Water and Dust Resistance.


Battery Life: Up to 4 days on a single charge.


Pricing and Availability:


Pricing: INR 2,999.

Availability: Available on Flipkart and the official website,



In conclusion, the NoiseFit Grace smartwatch redefines women’s wearables, seamlessly blending aesthetic appeal with advanced features. With a unique design, comprehensive health monitoring, and personalized customization options, the NoiseFit Grace stands as a stylish and functional choice. Priced at INR 2,999, it offers accessibility without compromising on style and functionality. Elevate your daily experience with the NoiseFit Grace and embrace a perfect fusion of fashion and technology.


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