HMD’s Smartphone Revolution: Legend Series Emerges on Geekbench with Unisoc T606, Android 14, and MWC 2024 Unveiling


As HMD paves the way for a new era, recent leaks on Geekbench have shed light on two eagerly anticipated smartphones from the company – codenamed Legend and LegendPro. Unveiling their potential, these devices mark HMD’s foray into self-branded products, adding to the buzz surrounding their imminent release.


Key Points:


HMD’s Self-Branded Revolution: HMD confirms the imminent release of self-branded products, with at least 9 smartphones expected shortly.


Legend and LegendPro Unveiled: Two upcoming HMD-branded smartphones, codenamed Legend and LegendPro, make an appearance on Geekbench, sharing an entry-level Unisoc T606 chip.


Differentiated RAM Capacities: The Legend features a 4GB RAM module, while the LegendPro boasts a higher 8GB RAM capacity, catering to varying user needs.


Software Experience: Both devices run on Android 14, delivering a near-stock Android experience consistent with Nokia-branded phones.


Mystery Surrounding Design and Camera: While chipset and RAM details are revealed, finer aspects such as design and camera specifications remain undisclosed, creating intrigue.


MWC 2024 Event: HMD schedules its MWC 2024 event for February 25, hinting at the potential unveiling of not only Legend and LegendPro but also other intriguing models, including one with a rumored 108MP camera with OIS.


Evan Blass’s Hints: Prolific tipster Evan Blass shares codenames for six HMD phones, creating anticipation and curiosity within the tech community.


HMD’s Commitment to Nokia: HMD reiterates its commitment to the Nokia brand, promising the release of more than 17 Nokia-branded smartphones in 2024.


Features & Specifications:


Processor: Powered by the entry-level Unisoc T606 chip, offering a balance between performance and efficiency.


RAM: Legend with 4GB RAM, LegendPro with 8GB RAM, catering to different user preferences.


Software: Both devices run on Android 14, providing a user-friendly and near-stock Android experience.


Design and Camera: Details about the design and camera specifications are yet to be unveiled, adding an element of mystery.



As HMD steps into the realm of self-branded smartphones, the Legend and LegendPro emerge as promising contenders. With a shared Unisoc T606 chip, differentiated RAM capacities, and the allure of Android 14, these devices hold the potential to redefine the budget smartphone segment. The upcoming MWC 2024 event is poised to unveil not only these devices but also a broader lineup, adding to the excitement within the tech community. HMD’s dedication to the Nokia brand further emphasizes its commitment to delivering diverse and innovative mobile solutions, setting the stage for a year filled with technological marvels. The legend is set to unfold, and enthusiasts are eager to witness the unfolding chapters on February 25.


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