BYD Dolphin Mini Launched in South America: Unveiling Specs, In-Depth Insights, and Pricing Details


The South American electric vehicle market welcomes a new contender as the BYD Seagull makes its mark on the continent under a fresh identity – the BYD Dolphin Mini. This rebadged marvel, retaining the acclaimed specs of the Seagull, is set to redefine the electric vehicle landscape in South America, offering a fusion of innovation and affordability.


Key Points


BYD Seagull Transformation: The popular BYD Seagull takes on a new identity as it ventures into the South American electric vehicle market, rebranded as the Dolphin Mini.


Global Specs Retained: Despite the name change, the Dolphin Mini maintains the specifications of the successful Seagull, offering a reliable and proven electric vehicle option.




International Debut: The BYD Dolphin Mini has made its debut in several South American markets, heralding a new era of eco-friendly transportation in the region.


Versatile Battery Options: Available in two battery variants, the Dolphin Mini offers the EV300 with a 30kWh battery and a 300km NEDC range, while the EV400 boasts a 38kWh battery with an extended 380km NEDC range.


Proven Performance: Drawing from the success of the Seagull, the Dolphin Mini features a 55kW motor with a peak torque of 135Nm, ensuring efficient and dynamic electric driving.




Battery Options: Dolphin Mini EV300 (30kWh) and Dolphin Mini EV400 (38kWh)


Range: EV300 – 300km NEDC, EV400 – 380km NEDC


Motor: 55kW with a peak torque of 135Nm


Top Speed: 135km/h, 0 to 50km/h in 4.9 seconds


Dimensions: 3780 x 1715 x 1540mm, Wheelbase – 2500mm


Seating Capacity: Four persons


Wheel Size: 165/65 R15


Pricing & Availability


Pricing in Uruguay: The Dolphin Mini EV300 is priced at $21,990, and the Dolphin Mini EV400 is available for $23,990.


Brazilian Market Entry: Test cars have arrived in Brazilian dealerships, with the Dolphin Mini’s starting price at $20,100 and the larger battery variant retailing for $23,200.


Global Expansion: The Dolphin Mini is poised to enter additional markets, including Europe, in the coming months.



The arrival of the BYD Dolphin Mini marks a significant stride towards sustainable and accessible electric mobility in South America. Retaining the proven specifications of the Seagull, this eco-friendly hatchback brings versatility, performance, and affordability to the market. As the Dolphin Mini dives into new territories, its global impact is set to reshape the landscape of electric vehicles, contributing to a cleaner and greener future.


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