BenQ X300G 4K Gaming Projector Launched in Europe (Netherlands, France, Germany): Specs, Details, and Pricing Revealed


BenQ’s highly acclaimed X300G 4K gaming projector, initially introduced in the US market, is now making waves across Europe, including the Netherlands, France, and Germany, along with debuts in the UK and Australia.


Key Points:


Global Expansion: The BenQ X300G 4K gaming projector, initially launched in the US, has now expanded its availability to Europe (Netherlands, France, Germany), the UK, and Australia.


Versatile Entertainment: Tailored for gamers and movie enthusiasts, the X300G promises 4K high-quality images and the ability to project a large 120-inch picture from a short distance.


Impressive Brightness and Color: Shining brightly at 2,000 ANSI lumens, the projector delivers vivid colors, covering a wide range of color spaces for a captivating viewing experience.


Gaming Excellence: Boasts a super-fast response time with an input lag of 4.2ms at 1080p@240Hz or 16.7ms at 4K@60Hz, making it suitable for both competitive and AAA gaming titles.


Connectivity Options: Offers multiple connection options, including HDMI and USB (2.0b/HDCP 2.2/eARC), USB Type-A 2.0, and USB Type-C DP ports. Supports screen sharing from phones or tablets via Apple AirPlay or Google Chromecast.




Automatic Focusing and Angle Correction: Equipped with automatic focusing, angle correction, and zoom features for hassle-free setup and optimal picture quality.


Immersive Audio: Two powerful speakers enhance the overall entertainment experience with high-quality audio.




Resolution: 4K


Brightness: 2,000 ANSI lumens


Input Lag: 4.2ms at 1080p@240Hz, 16.7ms at 4K@60Hz


Connectivity: HDMI, USB 2.0b/HDCP 2.2/eARC, USB Type-A 2.0, USB Type-C DP ports


Screen Size: Up to 120 inches


Pricing and Availability:


Europe: €1799


UK: £1,599


Australia: AU$2,299


US: $1,799 (includes a complimentary video game with purchase)



The BenQ X300G 4K gaming projector marks a new era in entertainment technology, delivering unparalleled visuals and gaming excellence. With its expansive availability, advanced features, and premium pricing reflecting its exceptional quality, the X300G caters to a global audience, offering an immersive and elevated entertainment experience for gamers and movie enthusiasts alike. Elevate your gaming and viewing experiences with the cutting-edge technology of the BenQ X300G.



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