TCS CEO K Krithivasan Shares Insights on Robust Hiring Plans, AI’s Impact on Jobs, and the Firm’s Stance on Work-from-Home


In a recent session organized by Nasscom, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) CEO K Krithivasan addressed the concerns surrounding hiring plans in the IT industry. While acknowledging the challenges posed by fluctuating demand, Krithivasan affirmed TCS’s commitment to maintaining its hiring momentum. Contrary to speculations of a slowdown in hiring across the software industry, TCS, as the largest Indian software exporter, remains optimistic about the future.


Key Points from TCS CEO K Krithivasan’s Remarks


Hiring Commitment: TCS reaffirms its commitment to hiring despite market challenges, emphasizing the need for more skilled professionals as positive economic signs emerge.


Optimism Amidst Challenges: The company expresses cautious optimism for the medium to long term, demonstrating adaptability to evolving demand scenarios in the IT industry.


AI and Critical Thinking: Generative AI (GenAI) is acknowledged as an opportunity, but the CEO stresses that critical thinking, strategic planning, and creativity remain irreplaceable by AI, highlighting the supportive role of technology.


Work-from-Office Philosophy: TCS advocates for a work-from-office model, citing the importance of learning from colleagues and seniors in a collaborative setting. The company values physical presence for imbibing organizational culture and values.


Impact of AI on Jobs and the Significance of Critical Thinking

In addressing concerns about AI’s impact on jobs, TCS CEO K Krithivasan emphasizes that while AI, especially generative AI (GenAI), presents numerous opportunities, it cannot replace essential human qualities. Critical thinking, strategic planning, and creativity are attributes that AI, in its initial phase, will assist but not transform. Krithivasan’s stance underscores the importance of human skills in complementing and guiding AI technologies.


Conclusion: Navigating Challenges with a Forward-Looking Approach

TCS’s commitment to hiring, cautious optimism, and acknowledgment of the evolving role of AI reflects the company’s resilience in navigating challenges. By prioritizing the development of critical human skills alongside technological advancements, TCS positions itself to thrive in an ever-changing IT landscape. The emphasis on a work-from-office philosophy underscores the value placed on collaborative learning and organizational culture. TCS remains poised to adapt and lead in the dynamic world of information technology.


Hiring Plans


Hiring Plans: TCS has no plans to reduce hiring and remains committed to its hiring goals. The CEO states that the company is witnessing positive signs in the economy, prompting the need for more workforce. While there might be adjustments in the hiring phase, there is no intention to cut down on hiring plans.


Current Workforce: TCS, being the largest Indian software exporter, employs over 6 lakh people. Krithivasan mentions that the company values collaboration and camaraderie, essential aspects that, in their opinion, cannot be achieved effectively through a work-from-home or hybrid model.


Gender Representation: The CEO highlights that more than 35.7% of TCS’s workforce consists of women, indicating a significant gender representation within the organization.


Job Market Dynamics: The statements come in the context of a report suggesting a slowdown in hiring across the software industry due to fluctuating demand. While some firms are reportedly revisiting their campus offers, TCS is expressing confidence in sustaining its recruitment efforts.


Overall, TCS appears optimistic about the evolving job market, emphasizing the need for additional workforce and showing resilience in its hiring plans despite prevailing industry challenges.


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