WhatsApp Tests Advanced Privacy Measure: Restricts Screenshots of Profile Pictures


WhatsApp is taking another step toward bolstering user privacy with a new feature currently in testing. This feature aims to prevent people from taking screenshots of others’ profile pictures, further tightening the reins on privacy settings within the messaging platform.


Key Points:


Beta Update Unveils Profile Picture Protection: WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature aimed at preventing users from taking screenshots of others’ profile pictures.


Version for Android Users: The beta update, labeled version, is being rolled out to Android users as WhatsApp continues its efforts to enhance user privacy.


Message Prompt for Unauthorized Screenshots: Attempting to capture a screenshot of a WhatsApp profile picture triggers a message stating, “can’t take a screenshot due to app restrictions.”


Builds on Past Privacy Measures: This move follows WhatsApp’s decision from five years ago to disallow users from directly saving profile photos, marking a continued commitment to user privacy.


Expected Wide Rollout in Coming Weeks: While currently limited to beta users, the feature is anticipated to be available to all WhatsApp users in the coming weeks.




Enhanced Privacy Controls: The new feature adds an extra layer of protection to users’ profile pictures, making it more challenging for individuals to capture and circulate these images without consent.


Continued Efforts Against Unauthorized Access: Building on the platform’s earlier measures, this feature aligns with WhatsApp’s broader strategy to curb unauthorized access to personal information.


App Restriction Message: Users attempting to take screenshots will be met with a message notifying them of the restriction imposed by the app, further dissuading unwarranted actions.



WhatsApp’s ongoing commitment to bolstering user privacy is evident in the introduction of this new feature. By restricting the ability to capture screenshots of profile pictures, the platform aims to provide users with greater control over their data. As these privacy measures evolve, WhatsApp users can expect a more secure and protected environment for their communication and shared content.


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