Google Aims to Produce Over 10 Million Pixel Phones in India in 2024, Diversifying Supply Chain Away from China


In a strategic move to diversify its supply chain and navigate the complexities of the US-China trade tensions, Google is set to commence the production of its iconic Pixel smartphones in India. The tech giant aims to kickstart this manufacturing shift as early as the second quarter of 2024, aligning with its ambitious target to ship over 10 million Pixel phones this year. Let’s delve into the details of Google’s plan to ‘Make in India‘ and the factors driving this significant shift.


Key Points


Manufacturing in India: Google is set to manufacture Pixel smartphones in India, diversifying its supply chain away from China.


Production Timeline: The company plans to commence production in the April-June quarter, starting with the Pixel 8 Pro in South India, followed by the Pixel 8 in North India around mid-2024.


Sales Target: Google aims to ship over 10 million Pixel phones in 2024, as part of its ambitious goals to capture the Indian smartphone market.


Supply Chain Strategy: The move is seen as part of Google’s ‘China+2’ strategy, diversifying away from China for better supply chain resilience.


Market Significance: India is a priority market for Google’s Pixel smartphones, with the company targeting a substantial market share.


Competition Landscape: Apple and Samsung already manufacture phones in India, and Google’s entry aligns with the government’s push for local tech manufacturing.


Production Hubs: Emerging smartphone manufacturing hubs in both South and North India make these locations favorable for production.


Global Economic Trends: Google’s decision comes amid growing trade tensions between the US and China, emphasizing the need for supply chain diversification.


Additional Insights


Google’s Pixel production in India reflects a broader trend in the tech industry to secure ‘China+2’ strategies, enhancing supply chain resilience.


India’s Make in India initiative and the government’s incentives play a significant role in attracting tech companies to establish manufacturing facilities.


The Pixel production shift is seen as crucial for Google’s ecosystem sustainability, competing against growing platforms like Huawei’s HarmonyOS and challenges from competitors like Samsung.


The timing aligns with India’s aggressive push to become a tech manufacturing powerhouse, offering incentives and exploring import restrictions to attract companies.


Industry experts suggest that Google’s decision takes into account India’s investment incentives, import tariff policies, and the vast domestic market potential.



Google’s move to manufacture Pixel smartphones in India represents a pivotal shift in the tech giant’s supply chain strategy. Beyond responding to geopolitical challenges, the decision aligns with India’s initiatives to boost tech manufacturing. As Google aims to achieve its ambitious production goals, the ‘Make in India’ approach signifies a significant milestone in the evolving landscape of smartphone manufacturing.


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