Vivo V30 Pro Launch in India: Colors, ZEISS-Tuned Camera, Slim Design, and More Unveiled!


Vivo is creating ripples of excitement in the Indian smartphone scene with the imminent arrival of its much-anticipated V30 and V30 Pro. Official teasers and captivating posters from retailers have already fueled speculation, but Vivo’s recent confirmation has heightened the anticipation among smartphone enthusiasts.


Set your sails to get immersed in the serenity of Oceanic Blue hues with vivo V30 Pro. Coming soon.​

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Key Points:


Anticipation Peaks: Vivo V30 and V30 Pro are poised to make a splash in the Indian smartphone market, generating immense anticipation among users.


Expressive Colors: The V30 Pro introduces three vibrant colors – Classic Black, Andaman Blue, and Peacock Green, each telling a unique story and resonating with Indian aesthetics.


Camera Excellence: Equipped with a triple 50MP camera setup, the V30 Pro promises exceptional photography capabilities, catering to a diverse range of shooting scenarios. The addition of the Aura Light Portrait flash enhances the photographic experience.


ZEISS Partnership: A significant milestone for the V-series, the V30 Pro collaborates with ZEISS for tuning and Style Portrait filters, bringing advanced photography features to the forefront.


Slim Design: Rumored to be the slimmest phone of 2024, the V30 Pro combines elegance with high-end features, ensuring a seamless user experience.


120Hz Curved Display: The device features a 120Hz curved display for smooth and immersive visuals, enhancing the overall user interface.


Robust Battery: With a substantial 5,000 mAh battery, the V30 Pro prioritizes endurance, ensuring users stay connected throughout the day.




Expressive Color Palette: Classic Black, Andaman Blue, and Peacock Green.


Camera Capabilities: Triple 50MP setup, Aura Light Portrait flash.


ZEISS Collaboration: ZEISS tuning and Style Portrait filters for enhanced photography.


Slim Design: Rumored to be the slimmest phone of 2024.


120Hz Curved Display: Ensures smooth and immersive visuals.


Robust Battery: 5,000 mAh for extended usage.




Display: 120Hz curved display.


Battery: 5,000 mAh.


Camera: Triple 50MP setup.


Color Options: Classic Black, Andaman Blue, Peacock Green.



The Vivo V30 Pro is not just a smartphone; it’s a convergence of expressive design and cutting-edge technology. From vibrant colors inspired by Indian narratives to advanced camera capabilities and a slim design, the device aims to deliver a holistic user experience. With ZEISS collaboration and a robust battery, Vivo’s latest offering stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. As the unveiling approaches, the excitement builds, heralding the arrival of a smartphone set to captivate Indian audiences. Stay tuned for the grand reveal!.


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