LG StanbyME Speaker: Global Launch Unveils Advanced Features at a $200 Price Point!


In a testament to innovation, LG has introduced its latest audio masterpiece, the StanbyME Speaker (XT7S), promising an unparalleled auditory journey for enthusiasts. Designed not only as a complement to LG’s StanbyME portable display but as a standalone powerhouse, this pill-shaped wonder is priced at $200, offering impressive audio quality and a design crafted for seamless streaming experiences at home or on the go.




Key Points:


LG StanbyME Speaker (XT7S): A cutting-edge portable audio solution designed to complement LG’s StanbyME portable display and serve as a standalone powerhouse.


Pricing: The StanbyME Speaker is priced at $200, offering users a high-quality audio experience at an accessible cost.


Design and Dimensions: A sleek, pill-shaped design measuring 326 x 78 x 87 mm, making it compact and portable for on-the-go entertainment.


Audio Precision: Equipped with dual 20mm tweeters for crisp high-frequency stereo sound and dual passive radiators for rich and deep bass, catering to diverse entertainment needs.


EQ Settings: Featuring various EQ settings, including Sound Boost for enhanced audio, a Standard mode for balanced sound, and a customizable EQ accessible via a mobile app for personalized tuning.


Compatibility: Supports SBC and AAC audio formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and delivering high-quality sound.


Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1 for reliable and fast connectivity, establishing a seamless link between the speaker and entertainment platforms.




Charging and Battery Life: USB C-type port for efficient charging, with a 4-hour charge time providing up to 16 hours of playback. Energy-efficient, drawing 6W in power-on mode and 0.5W in standby mode.


Weight and Water-Resistance: Lightweight at 0.9kg and boasting an IPX5 water-resistance rating, making it suitable for outdoor use without fear of splashes.


Seamless Integration: Effortless pairing with LG’s StanbyME display, managed by an included remote control, and a dedicated widget on the display for convenient control and status overview.


WOW Orchestra Feature: An innovative technology that combines the audio output of the StanbyME Speaker with the built-in speakers of the StanbyME display, creating a unified and powerful soundscape.


Processor: Enhanced sound quality through LG’s α (Alpha) 7 Gen 6 AI processor, intelligently optimizing audio based on the content being played.




Pricing and Availability:


Price: $200


Availability: Currently available in Korea and the US, with a wider global rollout planned for the near future.



The LG StanbyME Speaker represents a pinnacle in portable audio technology, seamlessly blending design, functionality, and innovation. Priced affordably at $200, it delivers a powerful audio experience with a sleek pill-shaped design, versatile EQ settings, and impressive battery life. Its seamless integration with LG’s StanbyME display, coupled with the WOW Orchestra feature and AI-driven optimization, sets it apart in the market. Whether at home or on the go, LG invites users to embrace a new era of sonic brilliance with the StanbyME Speaker, promising a premium audio journey for humankind.



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