Global Rollout: PS5 System Update Introduces DualSense Audio Enhancements and More Improvements


Sony continues its commitment to improving the PlayStation 5 experience with the rollout of a comprehensive system update. Designed to enhance user interaction and audio quality, this update brings exciting new features to the PS5 community worldwide. Let’s explore the details of this latest update, which introduces enhancements to the DualSense controller and Share Screen functionality.


The new PS5 system update is rolling out globally today

Details on DualSense audio enhancements, Share Screen interactions and more:

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) March 13, 2024


Key Points:


Introduction of PS5 System Update: Sony rolls out a new system update for PlayStation 5 users worldwide, aiming to enhance user experience and functionality.


Enhancements to DualSense Controller: The update introduces improvements to the DualSense controller, including higher-volume sounds from built-in speakers and enhanced noise cancellation for clearer in-game audio and voice chat.




Share Screen Interactions: Users can now enjoy new ways to interact with friends’ gameplay during Share Screen sessions, with the introduction of pointers, emojis, pings, and drawing capabilities on the shared screen.


PS5 Power Indicator Brightness Adjustment: Sony addresses user feedback by providing the option to adjust the brightness of the PS5 power indicator, allowing users to personalize their gaming setup.




DualSense Controller Enhancements: Higher-volume sounds, improved noise cancellation, and clearer audio quality enhance the gaming experience.


Share Screen Interactions: Pointers, emojis, pings, and drawing capabilities facilitate seamless communication and engagement during gameplay sharing.


PS5 Power Indicator Brightness Adjustment: Users can customize the brightness of the power indicator to suit their preferences and gaming environment.


PS5 System Update Details:


Rollout: The update is available globally for all PlayStation 5 models, including the Digital Edition and slim version.


DualSense Audio Enhancements: Built-in mic and speaker improvements enhance audio quality, while AI machine learning enhances noise cancellation capabilities.


Share Screen Enhancements: New interaction options enable precise guidance and communication during Share Screen sessions, enhancing the collaborative gaming experience.


Power Indicator Brightness Adjustment: Users can adjust the brightness of the PS5 power indicator to Dim, Medium, or Bright (standard) levels.



The latest PS5 system update represents Sony’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for PlayStation 5 users worldwide. With improvements to DualSense audio, Share Screen interactions, and power indicator customization, gamers can enjoy a more immersive and personalized gaming environment. As Sony continues to innovate and evolve the PS5 platform, users can look forward to further enhancements and updates that enrich their gaming experience.


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