Realme Launches India-Exclusive P-Series for Tech-Savvy Users: Premium Design, Budget-Friendly Prices


Realme, the renowned Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has unveiled its latest venture exclusively tailored for the Indian market—the P-series. This strategic move will see the P-series smartphones being sold exclusively through the popular e-commerce platform Flipkart.


The Only word in our heads when we decided to change the game.

— Chase (@ChaseXu_) April 8, 2024



The announcement, made by Realme Vice President Chase Xu on X (formerly Twitter), underscores the company’s commitment to democratizing cutting-edge technology and providing an enhanced experience within the mid-range smartphone segment.


Empowering with Premium Features

The essence of the Realme P-series lies in its name—’P’ symbolizing ‘Power’. These devices are poised to offer a range of premium features at competitive prices, with a specific focus on capturing the attention of the vibrant and tech-savvy youth demographic.


Market Positioning and Sales Targets

As per reports from ET Telecom, the Realme P-series will occupy the price band of Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000, strategically positioned above the budget-centric C-series. Realme is ambitiously eyeing a remarkable target of 50 million sales for its P-series smartphones this year, setting a strong tone for its market penetration and growth trajectory.


Tarini P Das, the Director of Sales and Business Development at Realme India, highlighted the target audience’s discerning preferences, emphasizing their inclination towards tech-laden products that strike a balance between advanced features and affordability.


Innovative Design Collaboration

While specific hardware and software specifications of the P-series remain undisclosed, Realme has reportedly partnered with renowned Indian visual artist P.S. Rathor as a co-designer. This collaboration hints at visually captivating and stylish smartphones poised to make a statement in the competitive Indian market.


Strategic Moves Amidst Fierce Competition

Realme’s strategic initiative with the P-series comes at a time of heightened competition in India’s bustling smartphone landscape. However, this doesn’t mark the end of Realme’s innovation for 2024. Plans are underway to revive the performance-centric GT series, a move previously disclosed by Chase Xu.


Additionally, Realme continues to offer its popular number series and C-series smartphones, catering to diverse consumer preferences across different market segments.


Local Manufacturing and Partnerships

Notably, Realme plans to manufacture the P-series exclusively within India, leveraging Oppo’s state-of-the-art Noida facility and forging partnerships with various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This local manufacturing approach underscores Realme’s commitment to the Indian market and its vision for fostering local manufacturing capabilities.


In essence, Realme’s India-exclusive P-series represents a strategic foray into the mid-range smartphone segment, combining innovation, affordability, and stylish design to cater to the dynamic needs of Indian consumers.


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