Unlocking Privacy: Android 15’s ‘Private Space’ Feature Promises Secure Encrypted Storage and Isolated Apps!


Google is gearing up to revolutionize privacy on Android devices with the upcoming Android 15 update, featuring a groundbreaking new feature called ‘Private Space.’ Similar to Samsung’s Secure Folder, Private Space will carve out an encrypted enclave within the device, offering users a secure platform to store private files and apps away from prying eyes.


Key Points:


Feature Introduction: Google is introducing ‘Private Space,’ a new feature in Android 15 for enhanced user privacy.


Similarity to Secure Folder: ‘Private Space’ functions similarly to Samsung’s Secure Folder, offering encrypted storage for private files and apps.


Evolution and Testing: The feature was initially discovered in December and has undergone refinement in subsequent updates. It has been functional on older Android beta versions but is yet to be fully integrated into the latest Android 15 Developer Preview.


Anticipated Announcement: Google is expected to unveil ‘Private Space’ and other Android 15 features at the upcoming I/O developer conference on May 14.




Secure Storage: Provides an encrypted section on the device for storing private files and apps securely.


User Authentication: Requires user authentication to access Private Space, ensuring only authorized users can enter.


Independent Google Account: Allows users to link a separate Google account exclusively for Private Space, maintaining data isolation.


Custom Screen Lock: Users can set a unique screen lock specifically for Private Space, enhancing security.


Privacy-Focused Apps Installation: Preloads essential apps like Google Camera and Chrome, with the option to add more apps directly through the Play Store within Private Space.


Discreet Notifications: Minimizes notifications from Private Space apps on the lock screen to protect sensitive information.


Invisible Mode: Option to hide Private Space from the app list when locked, ensuring heightened privacy.




‘Private Space’ operates on Android 15, Google’s latest operating system update.


The feature utilizes encryption technology to secure private files and apps within the device.


It integrates seamlessly with the device’s existing security protocols and authentication mechanisms.



Google’s introduction of ‘Private Space’ in Android 15 marks a significant stride in user privacy and security. With features akin to Samsung’s Secure Folder, ‘Private Space’ offers users a secure enclave for sensitive data, ensuring that personal files and apps remain protected from unauthorized access. The customizable security settings and discreet functionality further enhance the privacy-centric design of Android 15, promising users a more secure and personalized mobile experience.



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