WhatsApp’s Latest Update: Passkeys for iOS Offer Enhanced Security, Seamless Biometric Login, and Convenient Access to Messaging Platform


For iPhone users, the wait is finally over as WhatsApp has officially rolled out Passkey support on iOS devices. This update comes after the feature’s successful implementation on Android devices back in October 2023. Passkeys offer a more robust and reliable method for users to log in to their WhatsApp accounts, bypassing the traditional SMS-based OTP verification.


passkeys are rolling out now on iOS a more secure (and easier!) way to log back in with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode

here are some reasons you should set it up

— WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) April 24, 2024



Key Points:


Rollout: WhatsApp officially introduces Passkeys support for iOS users.


Biometric Login: iPhone users can now log in using Face ID, enhancing convenience and security.


Previous Implementation: Passkeys were initially launched for Android users in October 2023.


Enhanced Security: Passkeys eliminate the need for SMS-based OTP verification, offering a more secure login method.




Local Authentication: Passkeys are locally generated authentication tokens stored on the device for added security.


Biometric Integration: Supports Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode for seamless and secure login.


Convenience: Eliminates the hassle of remembering passwords or dealing with SMS-based OTPs.


Sync Across Devices: Passkeys are stored in Password Manager and synced across linked Apple devices.


Option to Save on Multiple Devices: Users can save Passkeys on multiple linked devices for accessibility.




Implementation: Available for iPhone users on WhatsApp’s latest version.


Activation: Users can activate Passkeys through the Account settings in the WhatsApp app.


Authentication Methods: Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode can be chosen for Passkey authentication.


Storage: Passkeys are stored locally on the device and synced through Password Manager across linked Apple devices.



WhatsApp’s introduction of Passkeys support for iOS marks a significant advancement in security and user convenience. With Passkeys, iPhone users can enjoy a seamless and secure login process, bypassing traditional OTP verification. This enhancement not only streamlines the login experience but also ensures robust security measures, aligning with WhatsApp’s commitment to user privacy and protection.



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