Indian PC Market Report: Q1 2024 Growth Trends, Leading Brands, and Market Dynamics


The Indian PC market has experienced a noteworthy growth of 2.6 percent year-over-year (YoY) in the first quarter of 2024, marking a total shipment of 3.07 million units, as reported by IDC. This growth trajectory has been influenced by various factors, particularly within different segments of the market.


#India‘s #PC market saw a 2.6% growth in the first quarter of 2024.

Which companies led the market? Read the press release:

— IDC Asia/Pacific (@IDCAP) May 16, 2024



Factors Driving Growth


Desktop and Workstation Categories: The desktop and workstation segments have shown robust growth rates of 10.1 percent and 2.7 percent YoY, respectively. This indicates sustained demand and utility in these categories.


Notebook Category: Contrarily, the notebook category saw a slight decline of 1.7 percent YoY, reflecting shifting consumer preferences or market dynamics.


Premium Notebooks: Notably, there has been a surge of 21% YoY in the sale of premium notebooks, defined as those priced over US $1,000. This points to a specific consumer segment willing to invest in high-end computing solutions.


Consumer Segment Growth: The consumer segment has witnessed a healthy growth of 4.4% YoY, attributed partly to strategic sales activities and diverse product offerings in the market.


Market Performance by Company


HP Inc.: Leading the market with a substantial 30.1 percent share, HP has maintained its stronghold in both the consumer and commercial segments. Despite a slight decline in shipments, HP continues to lead in desktops and notebooks.


Dell Technologies: Securing the second position with a 17.5 percent share, Dell showcased notable growth in the commercial segment, particularly driven by government orders. This reflects Dell’s success in catering to institutional demands effectively.


Acer Group: Positioned at third place with a 15.4 percent share, Acer demonstrated commendable performance in the commercial sector, emphasizing its strength in e-tail channels and consumer-oriented strategies.


Lenovo: Despite a slight decline in market share, Lenovo maintained a competitive stance, especially in the consumer segment. Its performance in the SMB segment showcases strategic positioning and growth potential.


Asus: Holding the fifth position with a 5.9 percent share, Asus navigated through market challenges, focusing on inventory adjustments while maintaining relevance in the consumer notebook category.


Future Outlook

The Indian PC market’s performance in Q1 2024 sets a tone of resilience and adaptability. While certain segments experienced declines, overall growth indicates a steady trajectory. Vendors’ strategies in addressing changing consumer needs, technological advancements, and market dynamics will play a crucial role in shaping the market’s future landscape.



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