Introducing Acerpure: Acer’s New Line of Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances for Smart Living


Acer, a renowned name in the world of PCs and laptops, has now ventured into the realm of consumer electronics with its latest brand, Acerpure. This move marks Acer’s strategic expansion into providing a wider range of products tailored to meet the diverse needs of Indian consumers. Under the Acerpure brand, Acer has introduced a lineup of innovative products including TVs, water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and more. Let’s delve into the details of Acerpure’s offerings and what they bring to the table for Indian consumers.


Key Points


Acer launches new consumer electronics brand called Acerpure in India.


Acerpure introduces a range of products including TVs, water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and more.


The brand aims to cater to the diverse needs of Indian consumers with innovative and quality products.


Acerpure products are now available for purchase, with more offerings set to launch soon.




Acerpure Air Purifiers starting at Rs 9,990.


Acerpure Cozy Air Circulator Fan starting at Rs 7,490.


Acerpure TVs in sizes of 32-inch, 43-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch with Dolby Atmos support and advanced display features.


Acerpure Water Purifier with instant hot and cold water system and 4-step filtration process.


Other products include handheld vacuum cleaners, robotic vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and hair stylers.




Acerpure Air Purifiers: Efficient air purification, multiple filtration stages.


Acerpure Cozy Air Circulator Fan: Effective air circulation, adjustable speed settings.


Acerpure TVs: Enhanced contrast, Dolby Atmos support, multiple connectivity options.


Acerpure Water Purifier: Instant hot and cold water, 4-step filtration, compact design.


Other products feature advanced functionalities tailored for modern lifestyles.




Acerpure Air Purifiers: Starting at Rs 9,990.


Acerpure Cozy Air Circulator Fan: Starting at Rs 7,490.


Acerpure TVs: Varied pricing based on size and features.


Acerpure Water Purifier: Price details to be announced.


Competitive pricing to offer value for money in respective categories.




Acerpure Air Purifiers and Cozy Air Circulator Fan were available for purchase.


Acerpure TVs and Water Purifiers coming soon to the market.


Products are available at Acer’s online store, Exclusive stores, and leading e-commerce platforms.



Acerpure marks Acer’s entry into the Indian consumer electronics market with a range of innovative products designed to enhance everyday living. With a focus on quality, performance, and affordability, Acerpure aims to meet the evolving needs of consumers across different categories. The availability of Acerpure products in the market provides consumers with more choices and smart solutions for their homes. As Acerpure continues to expand its product portfolio, it reinforces Acer’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the consumer electronics segment.



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