MG Motor India and HPCL Partner to Install 50kW/60kW DC Fast Chargers Across Highways and Cities Nationwide


In a significant move towards enhancing India’s electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, MG Motor India has joined forces with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL) to install a network of 50kW/60kW DC fast chargers. These chargers will be strategically located across key highways and cities, providing essential support for long-distance and intercity EV commutes.


Expanding the EV Charging Network

The collaboration between MG Motor India and HPCL aims to address one of the critical challenges faced by EV users: the availability of fast and reliable charging stations. By installing these high-power chargers at crucial locations, the partnership seeks to ensure that EV drivers have easy access to charging facilities, thereby promoting the adoption of electric mobility in India.


Key Features of the Charging Network

The new network of chargers will be compatible with all EVs that support the CCS 2 charging standard, including the popular MG ZS EV. This initiative will make it easier for MG customers to find and use these chargers through the MyMG App, which will also integrate HPCL’s network discovery tool. This seamless integration aims to enhance the user experience by providing real-time information on charger availability and location.


Statements from MG Motor India and HPCL

Gaurav Gupta, Chief Growth Officer of MG Motor India, emphasized the importance of a robust EV ecosystem in the transition to electric mobility. He stated, “As an early mover in the EV space, MG has been at the forefront of developing a strong EV ecosystem. Along with our ecosystem partners, we are working to create a vast network of EV charging stations, in addition to battery recycling and battery second-life solutions for end-to-end sustainability of electric vehicles. Our partnership with HPCL is yet another step towards expanding the EV charging infrastructure in India to energize and enhance customer confidence in EVs.”


Rajdip Ghosh, Chief General Manager of Highway Retailing at HPCL, highlighted the company’s commitment to sustainable fuel solutions. He said, “HPCL has a nationwide network of over 22,000 fuel stations and is committed to a sustainable future by providing green fuel to customers. Furthermore, HPCL aims to install 5,000 electric vehicle charging stations by December 2024. Through this partnership with MG Motor India, HPCL shall leverage the vehicle base of MG to increase the utilization of its chargers installed across India.”


Enhancing Customer Experience and Encouraging EV Adoption

In addition to providing essential charging infrastructure, the partnership will offer loyalty rewards and exclusive promotions to customers using the charging stations. These incentives are designed to encourage more drivers to switch to electric vehicles by making the charging process more convenient and rewarding.



The strategic partnership between MG Motor India and HPCL represents a significant step forward in the development of India’s EV infrastructure. By jointly installing high-power DC fast chargers across key locations, the two companies aim to make electric vehicle usage more practical and appealing for Indian consumers. This collaboration not only supports the government’s vision for a greener future but also boosts customer confidence in the growing EV market.



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