AnTuTu Launches EV Benchmark App: Xiaomi SU7 Among Top Performers with Impressive Scores and Specs


AnTuTu, the renowned benchmarking platform known for evaluating mobile devices, has expanded its expertise into the electric vehicle (EV) market with a new benchmark app. This innovative app aims to provide an objective assessment of an EV’s infotainment system performance by testing its chipset, RAM, and storage capabilities.


AnTuTu’s Entry into EV Benchmarking

AnTuTu’s new benchmark app for EVs marks a significant step forward in the evaluation of electric vehicles. The app is designed to objectively measure the performance of a car’s infotainment system, which is increasingly becoming a critical aspect of the driving experience. By assessing key components such as the chipset, RAM, and storage, AnTuTu provides a comprehensive overview of how well an infotainment system performs under various conditions.


Top Performers in May 2024

In May 2024, AnTuTu released scores for the top ten vehicles it tested. Leading the pack is the Zeekr 007, which achieved an impressive score of 1.07 million points. Following closely are the Xpeng X9 with 965,631 points and the Mercedes EQE with 963,130 points. These scores highlight the cutting-edge technology and robust performance capabilities of these EVs.


Other notable entries in the list include the Xpeng P7i in the 8th position, the Nio ET7 in the 12th, the Polestar 2 in the 14th, and the Audi Q4 e-tron in the 17th. These rankings demonstrate the competitive nature of the EV market, with several established names vying for top spots based on their infotainment system performance.


Xiaomi SU7’s Impressive Performance

AnTuTu also shared the test results for the recently launched Xiaomi SU7 EV. Equipped with the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip as the top three EVs, the Xiaomi SU7 features 16GB of RAM (with 12GB allocated for the Android OS) and 128GB of storage. This powerful configuration enabled the Xiaomi SU7 to achieve an AnTuTu score of 957,833 points, placing it just behind the top three models.


While the Xiaomi SU7’s score is slightly lower compared to other models with similar hardware, it still ranks impressively high, technically securing the fourth position on the top ten list. As more data becomes available and the list is updated, the Xiaomi SU7 is expected to officially claim its position among the top performers.


Building a Comprehensive Database

As AnTuTu’s EV benchmark app is relatively new, it will take some time to build a comprehensive database of scores. The initial data provides valuable insights into the performance of infotainment systems across various EV brands. However, as more vehicles are tested, a clearer and more detailed picture of the competitive landscape will emerge.


The Future of EV Evaluation

Introducing this new benchmark adds another dimension to the evaluation of electric vehicles. Consumers can now consider not just traditional factors like range and horsepower, but also the quality of the user experience within the vehicle itself. This focus on infotainment performance reflects the growing importance of in-car technology in the overall driving experience.



AnTuTu’s venture into the EV market with its new benchmark app is a promising development for both manufacturers and consumers. The initial results highlight the competitive performance of various EV models, with the Xiaomi SU7 standing out as a strong contender. As the database expands, this benchmark will become an essential tool for evaluating the infotainment systems of electric vehicles, helping consumers make more informed decisions.



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