Amazon’s 2023 Fire TV Stick: Wi-Fi 6E Support and FCC Listing Hints at Entertainment Upgrade


Amazon is gearing up for the launch of a new addition to its Fire TV Stick lineup, which already boasts a variety of options. If these indications hold true, this release will mark Amazon’s first official product launch in this category since 2021.


FCC Clues to Upgraded Models

According to recent reports, two intriguing devices bearing the Amazon brand have made their way through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website. While they haven’t been explicitly labeled as “Fire TV Stick,” all signs point to these upcoming devices being part of Amazon’s popular Fire TV Stick series.


Anticipation for Enhanced Features

The FCC listings for these new products have been notably discreet regarding their specifications. However, given that it has been a couple of years since Amazon last refreshed its Fire TV Stick lineup, consumers can’t help but anticipate the arrival of upgraded models.


Model Numbers and Wi-Fi Technology

These devices bear the model numbers M3N6RA and K3R6AT, classified as Amazon-branded digital media receivers. Notably, the M3N6RA model appears to offer support for Wi-Fi 6, while the K3R6AT model takes it a step further with Wi-Fi 6E support.


Shaping the Future of Fire TV Stick

Currently, none of the existing Fire TV Stick models include support for Wi-Fi 6E. The only Amazon media streaming device equipped with this advanced Wi-Fi technology is the Fire TV Cube, launched just last year. This suggests that the new Fire TV Stick models, with their Wi-Fi 6E compatibility, may herald a shift toward a higher-end, 4K-capable experience.


The Unveiling Event

Amazon has set the stage for a significant event scheduled for September 20th, where it will unveil its new 2023 devices. It’s highly likely that Amazon will officially introduce these new Fire TV Stick models during this event, leaving consumers eager to explore the enhancements and features these devices will bring to their entertainment setups.

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