Volkswagen’s ID.GTI Concept: A High-Tech Electric Tribute to the Classic GTI Legacy


Volkswagen has masterfully struck a balance between nostalgia and technological innovation with its latest unveiling at IAA Mobility 2023—the ID. GTI Concept. This isn’t just another electric car; it’s VW’s ambitious endeavor to recapture the essence of its 48-year-old GTI heritage in the realm of electric mobility.


A Concept Car with Production Potential

On initial inspection, the ID. GTI Concept bears a resemblance to its sibling, the VW ID. 2all, introduced earlier this year. However, a closer look reveals that GTI DNA permeates every aspect of this vehicle. The color scheme pays homage to the iconic black and red, while the rear wing and darker taillights impart a sporty allure. All these elements draw inspiration from the original Mk1 GTI.


Tech-Driven Customization for Driving Enthusiasts

What truly sets this concept apart is its tech-centric user customization. While Volkswagen remains discreet about the specifics of its high-performance single-motor, they do disclose that the car boasts an electronic differential lock and an exclusive “GTI Experience Control.” This system empowers owners to fine-tune everything, from steering and suspension to even simulated shift points, allowing them to recreate the exhilarating driving sensations of GTIs from yesteryears.


An Interior That Blends Modernity with Nostalgia

The interior of the car is equally captivating. It retains the dual screens found in the ID. 2all but introduces a touch of nostalgia with classic gauge displays. Do you wish to relive the experience of driving a Mk2 GTI? You can effortlessly configure it that way. And if you happen to find yourself on a racetrack, an augmented heads-up display will project a map layout directly onto the windshield.


Production-Ready Features and Practicality

Volkswagen assures us that many of these features are nearly production-ready, including the impressive 12.9-inch center screen and the 10.9-inch driver screen. The car also promises practicality, accommodating up to five passengers and offering an ample 17.3 cubic feet of cargo space.


An Electrifying Glimpse into the Future

While Volkswagen has remained tight-lipped about the official release date of this electric vehicle, one thing is abundantly clear: the ID. GTI Concept is more than just a concept. It’s a tantalizing preview of an electrifying future where the past is honored and celebrated, but not merely replicated.


Witness the Electric Nostalgia at IAA Mobility 2023

Enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike can catch a glimpse of this electric nostalgia machine at IAA Mobility 2023, commencing on September 5th. Prepare for engaging conversations and perhaps, a rekindling of old passions, as Volkswagen’s ID. GTI Concept takes center stage at the event.

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