Revolutionizing Electric Mobility: Geely’s Farizon Auto Launches SuperVan with Swappable Battery and Methanol Range Extender


Geely, the parent company of several automotive brands, including Volvo and Polestar, continues to push the envelope in the electric vehicle (EV) market. Its sub-brand, Farizon Auto, has unveiled the groundbreaking SuperVan, a commercial EV that promises to revolutionize the way we think about electric mobility.


Farizon SuperVAN will drive your experience to the next level! Chosen as the official broadcast van for the 19th Asian Games, it will bring every play, every moment, directly to you! @19thAGofficial #AsianGames2023

— Farizon Auto (@FarizonAuto) September 23, 2023


Swappable Battery Technology

One of the standout features of the Farizon SuperVan is its high-voltage swappable battery technology. This innovation addresses one of the key challenges in the EV industry – charging infrastructure. With a swappable battery, users can easily exchange a depleted battery for a fully charged one, eliminating the need for lengthy charging sessions. The SuperVan can output up to 10kW of 220V AC power for outdoor electricity use, making it incredibly versatile and suitable for various applications.


Methanol Range Extender

In addition to the swappable battery, the SuperVan also boasts a Methanol Range Extender. This cutting-edge technology further extends the vehicle’s range, making it an ideal choice for long-distance travel and reducing “range anxiety,” a common concern among EV users. By offering multiple power sources, the SuperVan ensures that you’re never left stranded due to a lack of charging infrastructure.


Drive-By-Wire Technology

The SuperVan incorporates drive-by-wire technology, a significant departure from traditional mechanical controls. This innovation eliminates the physical connection between driver controls and the vehicle’s components. Instead of mechanical linkages, wires are used to transmit control signals. This drive-by-wire system is not limited to a single aspect but extends to critical functions like braking, steering, and acceleration.


Versatility and Adaptability

One of the most exciting features of the SuperVan is its adaptability. The vehicle’s body can be detached from its rolling chassis, allowing for easy customization. This means you can adjust the wheelbase, suspension type, and steering configuration to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re using it for commercial purposes, as a camping vehicle, or any other application, the SuperVan can be tailored to your requirements.


Advanced Features for Safety and Convenience

The SuperVan is not just about innovative technology; it also prioritizes safety and convenience. It features adaptive cruise control, city and highway auxiliary driving, and an intelligent speed limit assistant, enhancing both driver comfort and road safety. Additionally, the vehicle supports fatigue monitoring, ensuring that you stay alert during long journeys. The 360-degree digital panoramic view from the cockpit provides unparalleled visibility, further enhancing safety.


Smart Connectivity and Control

To complement its advanced features, the SuperVan offers intelligent power charging, scheduled charging, and digital key functionality. These features are accessible through a companion mobile app, allowing users to manage and monitor their vehicles remotely. This level of connectivity ensures that the SuperVan is not just a mode of transportation but a truly integrated part of your digital lifestyle.


While some important details about the SuperVan are still pending, Farizon Auto has piqued our interest with this innovative commercial EV. As we eagerly await the release of the SuperVan, it’s clear that Geely’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility is delivering promising results. Stay tuned for more updates from Farizon Auto as they continue to redefine the future of transportation.

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