Xiaomi Launches Innovative Mijia Smart Air Fryer 6.5L Tender Roast Edition for Effortless Cooking


Xiaomi, the trailblazing tech giant, has once again disrupted the kitchen appliance landscape with its latest innovation, the Mijia Smart Air Fryer 6.5L Tender Roast Edition. This kitchen marvel is designed to take your culinary endeavors to the next level, making cooking healthier and more delightful than ever before. Let’s explore the product information, key points, and specifications of this remarkable kitchen companion.


Product Information:


Product Name: Xiaomi Mijia Smart Air Fryer 6.5L Tender Roast Edition


Price: Available for crowdfunding at 449 yuan ($61)


Crowdfunding End Date: October 4th, 10 a.m.


Key Points:


Intelligent Misty Tender Roasting: One of the standout features of this smart air fryer is its intelligent misty tender roasting mode. Utilizing advanced 3D mist creation technology, it enhances moisture retention by an impressive 23%. As a result, your roasted dishes turn out succulent and bursting with flavor, leaving your taste buds craving for more.


High-Temperature Defatting: The Mijia Smart Air Fryer goes beyond conventional cooking methods with its high-temperature defatting mode, capable of reaching temperatures up to 230°C. This mode optimizes the defatting process, increasing it by a remarkable 116%. Prepare a diverse range of dishes with a delightful crispy exterior and tender interior.


Even Heating with Dual-Blade Fan Blades: Equipped with dual-blade fan blades and a three-dimensional vortex frying basket, this air fryer ensures consistent heating without the need for manual intervention. The powerful 1800W motor, coupled with far-infrared heating technology, accelerates temperature adjustments. The NTC precise temperature control system continuously monitors and adjusts the internal temperature in real-time, granting you precise control over your cooking.


User-Friendly Design: The Mijia Smart Air Fryer boasts a user-centric design with a spacious 7-inch viewing window, 138% larger than its predecessor. This makes monitoring your cooking progress a breeze. It seamlessly integrates with smart features, including a 24-hour extended appointment and a 30-minute automatic insulation function. Control the air fryer effortlessly using three convenient methods: a rotary knob, the Xiaomi Home App, or the Xiao Ai voice assistant.


Culinary Versatility: With 12 preset menus and access to over 60 diverse online cloud recipes, this air fryer offers a wide spectrum of cooking options. Whether you crave crispy fries, succulent chicken, or delectable desserts, this appliance caters to your culinary desires.




Dimensions: Not specified in the source.


Weight: Not specified in the source.


Power: 1800W


Viewing Window: 7-inch (138% larger than the previous model)


Control Options: Rotary knob, Xiaomi Home App, Xiao Ai voice assistant


Preset Menus: 12


Crowdfunding Price: 449 yuan ($61)


Don’t Miss Out:

The Mijia Smart Air Fryer 6.5L Tender Roast Edition is currently available for crowdfunding at the enticing price of 449 yuan ($61). This exclusive crowdfunding campaign will conclude on October 4th at 10 a.m. Don’t miss your chance to transform your culinary creations and savor healthier, more delicious meals with ease.


Xiaomi continues to lead the way in kitchen innovation, and the Mijia Smart Air Fryer is a testament to their commitment to enhancing the cooking experience for food enthusiasts worldwide.

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