Certified on BIS: Rumoured Nothing Phone (2a) Specifications Hint India Launch Soon


Rumors are swirling around the possible release of a more budget-friendly variant of the Nothing Phone (2), tentatively named the Nothing Phone (2a). This version, anticipated to be a trimmed-down rendition of its predecessor, recently surfaced on India’s BIS certification platform. These sightings have ignited speculations regarding an imminent launch in the Indian market.




Key Points:


Imminent Launch: The Nothing Phone (2a) has received certification on the BIS platform, indicating a potential near-future launch in the Indian market.


Budget-friendly Variant: Rumoured to be a more affordable iteration of the Nothing Phone (2), this upcoming model aims to offer a trimmed-down version of its predecessor.




Certification Details: Spotted on India’s BIS certification platform with the model number A142, potentially signifying the speculated Nothing Phone (2a).


Battery Certification: A certified battery with the model number NT03 adds weight to the existence of this device, hinting at potential differences in battery specifications compared to the Phone (2).


Design Cues: Leaks suggest the retention of the Glyph Interface on the rear panel, maintaining some design elements from its predecessor.


Speculated Specifications:


Processor: Expected to feature a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon or MediaTek Dimensity processor, catering to a more budget-conscious segment.


Display: Rumoured to sport a 6.7-inch AMOLED display with a centrally-aligned selfie camera. Notably, it might deviate from the LTPO panel found in the Phone (2).


While these details offer intriguing insights, an official confirmation regarding the specifications, pricing, and launch date of the Nothing Phone (2a) is eagerly awaited.



As the speculations and leaks regarding the anticipated Nothing Phone (2a) continue to surface, the excitement mounts for tech enthusiasts eagerly awaiting its arrival. The device, rumored to be a cost-effective alternative to its predecessor, the Nothing Phone (2), holds promise with its speculated features and potential adjustments.


The recent BIS certification of the Nothing Phone (2a) ignites anticipation, hinting at an imminent launch in the Indian market. The model number A142 associated with this device aligns with previous rumors, further reinforcing the likelihood of this variant’s existence.


Adding to the intrigue, the certified battery (model number NT03) suggests potential alterations in the battery specifications compared to its predecessor, hinting at possible differences in power management.


Moreover, design cues indicating the retention of the Glyph Interface from the Phone (2) maintain a sense of continuity within the Nothing series.


While speculations hint at a mid-range processor and a 6.7-inch AMOLED display, the finer details, including the specific chipset, display properties, and official launch date, await confirmation.


Enthusiasts await the official unveiling to grasp the true essence and capability of the Nothing Phone (2a), hoping for an affordable device that retains the essence of innovation associated with the brand. Until an official announcement, these speculations fuel the anticipation surrounding this intriguing addition to the Nothing lineup.

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