PTron JazzSeries Soundbars Launched in India with Detailed Specs and Pricing Information


pTron, a leading tech brand, has introduced the pTron Jazz and Jazz Pro soundbars in India, promising an elevated audio experience. These soundbars are meticulously designed to offer exceptional sound quality, catering to diverse user preferences.


Enhanced Audio Performance


pTron Jazz: Delivering a robust 40W sound output, equipped with 50mm dual drivers for optimal audio clarity.


pTron Jazz Pro: Elevating the experience further with a 120W sound output and a 6-inch woofer for immersive 2.1 channel sound.


Design and Connectivity


Compact Build: The Jazz and Jazz Pro sport a sleek design, fitting seamlessly into any setup. The Jazz measures 6cm x 80cm x 6cm, while the Jazz Pro’s dimensions are 12.5cm x 84cm x 9.5cm.


Bluetooth and More: Both soundbars offer Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity with a range of up to 10 meters, along with various input options like optical audio, AUX, USB, and HDMI ARC.


Distinct Features


Equalizer Modes: The JazzSeries soundbars include standard equalizer modes such as Movie, Music, and News, ensuring tailored audio experiences.


Controls and Indicators: While lacking smart connectivity, the soundbars come with separate control buttons and LED indicators for enhanced usability.


Pricing and Availability


pTron Jazz: Priced at Rs 2799, and the pTron Jazz Pro: Available for Rs 4999. Both soundbars are currently available for purchase on Amazon.


Launch Offer: As an introductory offer, pTron provides a Rs 200 discount on the Jazz and a Rs 500 discount on the Jazz Pro for a limited time.


Future Prospects

Upcoming Model: Anticipating the Jazz Pro X1 240W soundbar’s launch in December, equipped with a larger 6.5-inch woofer for an even more powerful sound experience.


pTron’s Vision and Growth

Sales Targets: With over 11 million products sold last year, pTron aims for a significant growth of 26% YoY, targeting sales of 16 million products this year. This reflects their dedication to delivering quality tech products.


The pTron JazzSeries soundbars offer a promising blend of superior audio quality, sleek design, and versatile connectivity, catering to diverse user preferences in the audio segment.




pTron Jazz Soundbar:


Sound Output: 40W

Drivers: 50mm Dual Drivers

Channel Configuration: 2.0

Dimensions: 6cm x 80cm x 6cm

Weight: 1.4 kg

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3 (Up to 10m range), Optical Audio, AUX, USB, HDMI ARC

Equalizer Modes: Movie, Music, News

Indicator: LED status indicator

Build: Metal construction


pTron Jazz Pro Soundbar:


Sound Output: 120W

Drivers: 50mm Dual Drivers + 6-inch Woofer

Channel Configuration: 2.1

Dimensions: 12.5cm x 84cm x 9.5cm

Weight: 4.95 kg

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3 (Up to 10m range), Optical Audio, AUX, USB, HDMI ARC

Equalizer Modes: Custom controls on the soundbar

Build: Metal construction with wood for the woofer, wall-mountable


Both soundbars offer multiple input options, ensuring versatile connectivity to various devices, along with distinct audio modes for optimized sound experiences.



The launch of pTron’s JazzSeries Soundbars ushers in a new era of immersive audio experiences, catering to the diverse needs of music enthusiasts and entertainment seekers. With sleek designs and powerful audio output, these soundbars promise to elevate the auditory experience within your living spaces.


The pTron Jazz and Jazz Pro Soundbars epitomize versatility, equipped with an array of connectivity options such as Bluetooth 5.3, optical audio, AUX, USB, and HDMI ARC. The JazzSeries offers an impressive range of sound output, with the Jazz boasting 40W sound delivery through 50mm dual drivers, while the Jazz Pro steps up the game with a compelling 120W output and an additional 6-inch woofer for an enhanced auditory journey.


Notably, the Jazz Pro offers custom equalizer controls directly on the soundbar, allowing users to fine-tune audio preferences effortlessly. Both models embrace a compact form factor, ensuring seamless integration into your entertainment setup. Additionally, the LED status indicators add a touch of convenience, simplifying the connectivity experience.


The launch also teases the upcoming pTron Jazz Pro X1 240W Soundbar, hinting at an even more powerful audio performance, bolstering the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge audio solutions.


As pTron aims for substantial growth this year, these soundbars stand as a testament to their dedication to innovation and quality in the audio technology space. With an ambitious roadmap ahead, these soundbars are poised to redefine auditory pleasures for consumers, promising an immersive, high-fidelity sound experience for years to come.

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