BYD Song L Electric SUV Launched in China: Specs, Pricing, and Launch Details Revealed


Chinese electric vehicle giant BYD has lifted the curtain on its latest innovation, the Song L electric SUV, marking a direct challenge to the popular Tesla Model Y. The Song L concept debuted at the prestigious Shanghai Auto Show in April 2023, garnering immense anticipation. Pre-orders commenced on October 13, and within a mere 17 days, over 11,000 reservations flooded in. Presently, the count has surged close to 30,000, highlighting the electric SUV’s burgeoning appeal.


Key Points: BYD Song L Electric SUV


Features & Specifications:


Design: Sleek exterior with BYD’s distinct hunting dragon face, available in five color options.


Interior: Customizable interior with three color schemes, a 15.6-inch floating infotainment panel, and a 10.5-inch instrument display.


Performance: Offers up to 662km range across five trims, featuring BYD Heart integrated sports seats and a 50-inch heads-up display.


Incentives: Early buyers enjoy incentives including interest-free two-year payment plans or a minimal 15% down payment.


Tech & Connectivity: Benefits encompass online navigation, complimentary car data, and advantageous charging features.


Dimensions: Measures 190 x 77 x 61 inches, slightly larger than the Tesla Model Y.


Pricing & Availability:


Pre-orders: Close to 30,000 pre-orders registered before the official launch.


Launch & Prices: Launched in China, priced between 189,800 yuan ($26,700) and 249,800 yuan ($35,100), substantially lower than pre-sale figures.


Comparison: Positioned notably lower in pricing than the Tesla Model Y, starting at around $37,400.


Market Response: Substantial demand, fueled by attractive pricing and competitive features.



The BYD Song L emerges as a formidable competitor in the electric SUV landscape, bringing innovation, style, and competitive pricing to the forefront. With its sleek design, customizable interiors, and cutting-edge technology, it sets a benchmark in the realm of electric vehicles. Early reception has been overwhelming, with nearly 30,000 pre-orders already, affirming its growing popularity in China’s burgeoning EV market.


BYD’s strategic pricing, offering a range of enticing incentives, places the Song L at an advantageous position against rivals like the Tesla Model Y, significantly undercutting its starting price. As the Song L hits the roads in China, its fusion of advanced features, extended range, and affordability signifies a promising step towards mass adoption of electric vehicles, setting a new standard for the industry.

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