Xiaomi’s HyperOS Rollout Unveiled: Enhanced Features, Eligible Devices, and What’s New!


Xiaomi takes a bold step forward by initiating the rollout of its highly anticipated HyperOS. Set to revolutionize the smartphone experience, this new operating system gears up for deployment across select Xiaomi and Redmi devices. Originating from last year’s debut in October, HyperOS marks a strategic move by the tech giant, aimed at enhancing the functionality and performance of its mobile devices.


Key Points:


Xiaomi’s HyperOS Unveiled


Rollout Initiation: Xiaomi commences the rollout of HyperOS, its latest smartphone operating system.


Xiaomi HyperOS starts rolling out!
Eligible users will receive OTA updates gradually and can experience the new features!

Don’t hesitate to share your valuable feedback with us through the system app the “Services & feedback”. We are looking forward to hearing your… pic.twitter.com/IIMj6ULxdr

— Xiaomi HyperOS (@XiaomiHyperOS_) December 18, 2023



Devices Eligible: The initial phase includes eight Xiaomi and Redmi devices.


Future Expansion: Plans to include more devices in the HyperOS update roadmap in the future.


Features & Advancements:


Performance Boost: Promises smoother app animations, quicker boot times, and improved app memory retention.


UI Enhancements: Minor UI tweaks and new lock screen customization options enrich the user interface.


AI Integration: Employs AI features for text generation, doodle conversion, and photo text capture.


Connectivity Upgrades: Enhanced mobile data sharing, cross-device notifications, and using the phone’s camera as a webcam.


Eligible Devices for Update:


Xiaomi 13 Ultra

Xiaomi 13 Pro

Xiaomi 13

Xiaomi 13T Pro

Xiaomi 13T

Redmi Note 12

Redmi Note 12S

Xiaomi Pad 6

POCO F5 (Confirmed)


Xiaomi HyperOS rollout starts on POCO F5!

Owners of POCO F5 will be the first to experience Xiaomi HyperOS. Eligible users will receive the OTA update and be able to experience the new features.

Release plans for other models will be announced at a later date.

Follow us to get… pic.twitter.com/aNYbvRhFkN

— POCO (@POCOGlobal) December 18, 2023



Xiaomi’s launch of the HyperOS marks a significant stride in enhancing user experience across its smartphone range. The commencement of the rollout for select Xiaomi and Redmi devices, along with the promise of extending the update to more models shortly, indicates Xiaomi’s commitment to offering advanced functionalities and optimizations to a broader user base.


HyperOS introduces noteworthy improvements, focusing on performance enhancements, subtle UI refinements, and the integration of AI-driven features. These enhancements encompass smoother app animations, faster app boot times, and better app memory management. Additionally, minor UI tweaks and expanded lock screen customization options add to the user interface’s versatility.


The integration of AI functionalities, enabling text generation, doodle-to-painting conversions, and photo text capture, showcases Xiaomi’s strides in leveraging artificial intelligence for user convenience. Moreover, the expanded connectivity options, including improved mobile data sharing and cross-device notifications, further enhance the user experience.


With the initial rollout including a selected set of devices and a clear roadmap for additional models, Xiaomi sets a progressive path for enriching user interaction and performance across its smartphone lineup through the HyperOS update.

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